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    Why is my droid not charging?


      About 4 months ago or so my Incredible 2 wouldn't fully charge, it would only go to 50% then started getting less and less until it would barely have any battery power. Some strange screen showed up one day and wouldn't go away, I took it into a store where they lady took out the battery to get rid of the screen and after that my phone wouldn't turn on at all. They ordered me a new one which I got in a day or so and had no issues until now. I plugged my phone in about 2 days ago and it can up with a screen saying "Adapter power not giving device enough power for battery consumption, please connect to AC adapter." Except I'm on an AC adapter. If it's charging and I'm using it, it will go down in power. Say it's at 5 percent and I start using it to write a text, normally before I finish my text it will turn off while it's still plug in. It took a full 24 hours to get it to 100% where I just left it plugged in because I did not need to use it. I can back a couple hours later and it was a 32% and declining with no one using it. I'm really getting sick of this phone. It won't even turn on or charge today. Any advice of what to do next? Because I really don't want to get a new Incredible 2 for the same issue to happen...