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    Samsung Stratosphere charging issues


      I've read the boards and seen a lot of the same problems I've been having but no answers. I've had my stratosphere about a year and a half. Never had any problems until about 2 months ago. My phone suddenly stopped charging properly. I found out at the time that an unwanted app was to blame. This app was giving me info on every Black Friday sale in the area. It was turning my GPS on, it was turning my phone on when it was off (my phone never charged when powered on), and blowing my phone up with notifications about sales. I removed the app and it started working a little better but I was still having problems with the phone not charging properly. I tried different chargers (my son also has a stratosphere), and that didn't work. I finally did a factory reset and it helped for a week or so and now back to the same old ****, except now it won't charge at all. I am still having problems with it turning itself on while it's on the charger (once again, the phone NEVER charged while it was powered on). It was charging some but now it will not charge at all. It shows that it's charging, but apparently not. I cannot upgrade for about 6 more months and I don't want to pay for a replacement (about $100 and that's about what I paid brand new when I first got the phone). Any suggestions? This is driving me crazy!!!



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Tazzbabee, I regret to hear that you're having issues charging your Stratosphere. Most of the time, charging issues are hardware issues, not software related. Does the charger port seem loose at all? Does the phone charge if you move the charger slightly. To verify an app is not causing this issue, boot your phone into safe mode. http://bit.ly/SO5F56 If having the same issue in safe mode, then it is more than likely a hardware issue and the phone would need to be replaced. Do you have an extended warranty?

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            I am having the same issue, started last weekend out of the blue. I took the phone into a Verizon store and they confirmed that it wasn't a charger issue (which I knew). They thought it was the dataport and suggested a repair shop. But when I took it in to the repair shop, they said there was nothing wrong with the dataport at all.


            So I'm back to square one. Reading about everyone else who has this issue is depressing. I have about 9 months left on my contract and had just returned to Verizon after having switched to another carrier. What good is the best network in the world when the phone is ****?

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              I'd like to raise a question out of curiosity more than any knowledge. With these charging problems, could it ever be the battery that's at fault? I assume that cell phone batteries can have defects like any other component or accessory. Verizon charges about $40 for a new Stratosphere battery; Batteries Plus has them for about $36. That's not cheap, but it's less than a replacement phone. At worst you've got a spare battery even if you end up having to replace the phone.

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                I literally just fixed my charging issue. Although the charger felt like it was plugged in securely, It wouldnt charge unless I left it lay a certain way on the table. If i was trying to use it while it was plugged in, forget about it.  I looked at the charging port on my phone, and the little metal contact appeared to be slightly bent, so it was not making good contact with the metal prongs on my charger. I took a thin flathead screwdriver and bent it back up slightly. Plugged in my charger and all is well   Try this out, perhaps it will help you. Best of luck.

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                  I thought of that and got 2 new batteries - didn't make a difference. For a while it would charge if I turned it off first, but then it just started turning itself back on. Repair shop confirmed it wasn't an issue with the charging port itself


                  Reports of this are all over the web, so apparently it's a known issue by everyone EXCEPT Verizon & Samsung

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    marsacademy, thanks for those details. We want you to know that we are listening and accept the equipment feedback of our customers very seriously. It sounds like the battery charging issue that you may be experiencing could be an phone issue. Let's improve the performance of that device. Some applications will continue to run in the background of your device which depletes your battery life. Try deleting any unwanted applications and power your cycle your phone off/on. Thank you for your patience in this matter. Please keep us posted. We're here to assist you.

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                      Tazzbabee -


                      I am sorry you are having this problem.

                      Unfortunately, I am pretty much in this same boat. Phone stopped charging after 15 months of easy use, no drops, no moisture, has had a hard case on its entire life. And for some reason, the dolt that wrote my phone up did not include the Insurance I always get on my phones for precisely this kind of nightmare.

                      I have gone to the VZW store 4 times this week, had to go chase down a new battery for it, because of course, they dont stock anything for my 15 month old Stratosphere, had them do a Factory reset, lost all my cool apps, and using 5 different Chargers including Samsungs I still have the issue.

                      And all the VZW store wants to do for me is either **** my bank account for a full priced phone, get me to somehow wait for another 6 months of near-negligible phone problem service, or get this ,-  sell me a bundled VZW/Comcast package with a free tablet !  How exciting !  How do I then unload my current Internet provider and TV service just to have this privilege and of course, my monthly charges would be higher???? 

                      There is absolutely no help like there used to be when the Company was not affiliated with those other dolts from the East Coast, (Sorry, not intending to offend) who came in and totally wrecked the Company.

                      I know this because I helped start the company in the early mid-90's and worked 13 years there. 

                      The toll free number you use to call Care is a number I picked out from a huge pool of toll -free numbers - 800-922-0204.


                      In any event, it is sad that both Samsung and Verizon somehow look the other way about things like this and do not  apparently think it would be good to try to make the Customer happy so they will not CHURN OUT from Verizon !!!!!!

                      Come on Verizon, go find all those factory defective Stratospheres, recall them, all and give us poor working people who support your paycheck and condo's in Maui, a known, reliable phone, and we promise we will stay with you for generations..

                      You can do it..


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                        I have had this issue going on for like 2 months, but I think I found the solution! I knew there was an issue with the charging port so I took off the back cover, took out the batter, sd card, and the sim card. Unscrewed the seven screws holding the back panel. I carefully pried off this panel to reveal the charging port and chip for the keyboard. After carefully looking at the port, I couldn't see anything in the way or obstructing the port. So I then concluded that the metal that holds the charger cable in place has bent from constant use. So I pressed down on the metal carefully and plugged my charger back in. It didn't feel loose this time so I ******* the back panel back in, and put everything back and BAM! It's working again! I guess the metal used for the charger port is too weak and had to be pressed back into place from time to time. I didn't alter anything, but this procedure may void the warranty, but this is the only real solution I've found without having to have to get my phone sent away for repair. As long as your careful and keep track of the small screws, it's pretty easy. I just used my fingernail to pry the back panel off. Just watch the Stratosphere disassembly video on youtube for a visual help.

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                          I too had similar charging issues with the Stratosphere (would say it's fully charged, unplug it, only 5% charged; would go in and out of charging while plugged in; only would charge with certain chargers). It was a mess, and I did get a replacement for free, but after a month that one had the same charging issues. Luckily, I only had 2 months until an upgrade, so I resorted to only using my phone for texting and calling as to greatly reduce battery usage.

                          I now have a Razr HD that actually charges, and I will never go back to Samsung phones, not even the Galaxy S4, which I admit is cutting-edge.

                          It is very sad that Verizon will not acknowledge that there is a universal charging issue (sorry but I'm not going to mess around with the screws)--when I went in to get my replacement, I had to fight tooth and nail to convince them there was an actual problem and I wasn't just a crazy customer. I'm sorry for everyone that has this issue, and hopefully you can convince Verizon to get you a replacement for free [that will probably end up having the same charging issues within weeks].

                          It is also disappointing that Samsung, which is rising with the Galaxy series, will not acknowledge the charging issues either. It just shows that corporations really only care about their keynote products, instead of all of their products.

                          Thus I blame both Verizon and Samsung.

                          I let Verizon "buy" back my Stratosphere for a mere $17 because I would never try to sell it to anybody and believe it is not worth more than $17.

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