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        I'm going to try the network reset to see if it works. I've used less than 1 GB of data every month for almost a year on my iPhone5 except two months (during which I streamed music on road trips). Just this week, verizon shows me using more than 4GB in just a few days (during July 2013), most of which I was at home and connected to wifi. Something's gone haywire and Verizon support seems to be unaware that anyone else is having these problems. Hopefully, someone at Verizon tech support will check with Apple support to see what gives. Please?


        Switching the cellular data on and off every time I leave and come back to a wifi connection is not a solution.

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          Problem looks solved (without need for network reset).


          The culprit was a humongous email with photo attachments stuck in my outbox for a week. I use a third-party mail app on my iPhone, so i didn't think to check the iOS mail app (which is used by the photo album app to send photos) for stuck outgoing messages. There's an iOS glitch that causes the iOS mail app to use cellular data instead of wifi in this particular situation, it seems.

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            Where exactly do you find this outbox in the iOS mail app?  (if it is there)...?

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              My wife upgraded to iPhone 5 on June 14th, 2013.  Combined, our data usage has been under 1 gig a month for almost a year. Twins month, she alone went through 2 gig in less then one month.  Looking at e data logs on Verizon's website, her phone initiated a 428 meg download over cell at 430 in the morning,  she was sleeping, how did this happen?  Verizon's suggestion was to turn off cell data and increase my data limit to 4 gig.  Seriously!?!?!? I   Complied for now only to save me overage fees but I will still keep looking into this. 


              Something's to note, she is home with the kids, she does not work.  We have wifi.  I am too now working at home using wifi for my phone.  My phone has not acted up, it has normal data usage that my phone is used too.  There is something funky about iPhone 5 and data usage. I am convinced,  no way should she have blown through 2 gig in less then a  month.


              When we got her phone we did restore from an iPhone 4S iCloud back I may wipe her phone and start clean.

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                  You are not alone.  Verizon is obviously profiting from this.  The best thing is to drop the I phone.  It is both an inferior product and an overly expensive phone that leads to excessive monthly charges.  It is incompatible with the Verizon software.  The world is slow to react, but we cannot afford to wait.

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                    Has there been any resolution to the iphone's heavy data use? Is there a fix? I've tried several things that users have suggested in the forums, but have not found a "real" fix. Opening safari and logging into My Verizon account to check my data usage should not use 25 meg.

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                      So, I waited and upgraded to iOS 7 in hopes of resolving heavy data usage. It did help reduce the amount of data used, BUT data use is still much higher than non-iphone devices. My wife has a Galaxy s3. We use the identical apps. In addition, she also facebooks, streams video from youtube, pinterest, Google+, as well as exchange server/calendar usage from work. She still uses 75% less data than my iPhone 5. I can't understand this, is there an explanation anywhere???


                      Also... Once I updated to iOS 7 there was initially no overnight data leakage. "Phone in sleep mode, connected to wifi, but leaving Cellular data on just to test". But, just last night (one week after thinking the issue was resolved), data started bleeding out over Cellular data. I have zero push notifications enabled. I manually update apps. Email is set to manual.  So now, I am back to turning Cellular data off when I am not using the "so called SMART functionality" of the phone?? I am stumped, in fear of using too much data too fast, I am treating this phone like a Wifi device that can also make calls and send simple texts.

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