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    SIM Card Issue (Refreshing SIM Data)



      I'm having troubles with my SamSung Galaxy S3. It is a problem that has been happening for a few days now.

      A little message will pop up every 5-10mins stating; "Refreshing SIM Data" When this message pops up

      I loose connection to everything, Mobile Internet, WiFi, Music, Videos, Pictures. etc. Pretty much everything on me phone.


      I've tried to look for a problem resolver using my phone but whenever I'm just getting to the problem I loose everything

      cause of the stupid "Refreshing SIM data" thing pops up.


      Is this a problem with the SIM card? or is there a setting on my phone I can stop this from happening.

      Or might it be a problem with my phone?


      If I can get a responce to this ASAP it would be very very helpful thank you very much!!

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          Hi SekcyOnee - I too am having this problem with my S3 and I see from research that it is all over the web. What I'm not having any success with is finding a solution. I'm seeing a lot of guesses but nothing concrete.

          One thing that did come up though was that someone mentioned that this only happens when they're out of range of a signal. I noticed myself that this never happens when I'm outside and in my house my signal strength is horrible at best and is non-existent most of the time.

          I'm thinking if we can track down the conditions under which this happens we can narrow down what's making it do this. Have you noticed that this happens particularly when you have really bad or no signal strength?

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            I would suggest getting a new SIM card. You can get one free from a corporate store or calling customer service and requesting a new SIM card.

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              I have the same issue with my Galaxy Note 2.  At home or out-and-about I have no issues with the phone, but when I'm at work where the Verizon signal is poor to non-existent then I have the "Refreshing SIM Data" problem.  WiFi is strong at work so missing the 4G LTE signal is not a problem but the fact that it keeps "refreshing" and breaking the WiFi connection is a problem.  I have tried turning on/off various settings (Network Mode: Global / LTE CDMA / GSM UMTS, Mobile data: Enable/Disable) but none of these thing affects it.  I would like to be able to tell my phone, "There is no 4G LTE signal here, don't worry about it."  Has anyone been able to find that option?

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                Thanks for that but I'm having trouble believing it's a sim card physical issue. There's three people here and if you Google "refreshing sim data" there's page after page on this. Mine only started happening after upgrade to JellyBean. And it only happens if I have bad/no signal strength (in my case in my home). If Samsung got that many bad sim cards I think they'd be out of business by now.

                I agree with manufan1 - there's got to be some setting or something to tell it don't worry about it and quit closing out my game (yes, Angry Birds usually) and knocking me off my wifi.

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                  I also have the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy III. One thing I have noticed is that the phone only does it when I have horrible signal AND I am connected to WiFi. If I have WiFi turned off, I never get that message, or at least not that I have noticed.

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                    The same thing happens with my Galaxy S3.  It's becoming a complete pain to even use the phone in my home.  Sometimes I get an hour of my phone working right and sometimes I get 5 mins - then I get the message "Refreshing sim data" - " Connecting to WiFi"  And it's not just my Wifi - It happens at 3 different wifi houses.  Has anyone found a way to fix this.  I really love this phone and I don't want to have to replace it.  I only have one week left of my 14 day return period. (To add to my frustration this is already my second phone, this past week I had to return my new Stratosphere because it sucked)  

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                      OK!  I think I finally got it fixed, after talking to 7 tech people.  Under "More Settings" --- "Mobile Networkds" ----"Network Mode" - Make sure you are on the LTE/CDMA.  NOT Glabal or GSM/UMTS.  So far this works for my phone!!

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                        I've tried that before and the same problem occurs but instead of the "Refreshing SIM Data" message, I get the popup box asking me if I want to switch back to Global Mode.  That's more annoying because it won't do anything else until you hit OK or cancel.

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                          I am having the same issue with a new Samsung Note 2. I am overseas with no Verizon network but connected to WIFI. error comes up every two - 4 minutes. pulled battery and powered with out and then put back in battery. Problem still there- real annoying.

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