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    WiFi authentication issues


      Recently my Droid Razr has been having issues connecting with WiFi. When signing into a network it gets stuck on authentication. It's not my home router because my other tech items aren't having issues and it's not just happening at just at home, it's happening at different wifi locations, thoughts?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello Stone86! I've got a wireless router in my home as well, and have set up my wife's Droid RAZR to connect to it as well. It's a great way to keep those data usage alerts away from our front door! I see that you're not seeing any issues authenticating/connecting your other wireless devices to your router, but I don't see that you've ever tried to connect your RAZR to any other WiFi service (such as one would find in a restaurant or other public establishment). I recommend trying that. If you're still seeing problems, let me know by posting back. If you have no problems connecting, then I recommend contacting the manufacturer of your home router.

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            I too have connectivity issues with my home router and work router.  Both of these by coincidence are Belkin routers.  Has there been any known problems with the Razr M and Belkin routers?  Sometimes unplugging the router and letting it reset fixes the problem but if I go out of range and come back then the issue of connecting is once again a problem.  Just a pain in the you know what to have to unplug the router every time I need WiFi.  Any suggestions??

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              Well there may be a couple of things to try. First check your router to see if there are any firmware updates. You must type to access your router. It will ask for a username and password. If you never changed either on setup, the user name is admin and the password is password.


              This information is available in your router paper documentation or from the manufacturer web site, just look under their search for your device.


              If there is a firmware update, the router will give instructions on how to download the file (older models require you to save the file to your desktop) and when at the firmware update section of your router will require you to locate the file (on the desk top) and then run the update.


              Secondly, you may have an Internet connection issue either from Cable broadband or DSL or FIOS. Sometimes you can unplug the modem and count to 20 and plug it back in to reset its self. Also unplug the router and then plug in the modem and then router and wait for a stable connection.


              Third, in your wifi settings on your phone clear the connections that are listed, then rescan for networks. If you see your router listed then click on it and connect. It will ask you for your WEP Key (very low protection) or your WPA/PSK ( Better security) enter the key and select the save connection tab.


              Then it will remember the wireless network each time you need it. It will log on and connect or reconnect without any user imput.


              Good Luck

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                Don't mean to butt in, but I was following this post hoping to get an answer to my question. 


                As of this morning (March 13, 2013) my Razr has updated to the latest (I'm assuming Jelly Bean) operating system.  Since then it WILL NOT connect to the home network anymore.  I've tried ALL suggested fixes on this forum with no success.  My wife's Apple devices (iPhone, iPad & MacBook) all continue to recognize and connect with the network.  The ONLY changes within this household to the wireless network involve the OS update on my RAZR. 


                What gives??? 

                Yes, I've tried clearing the WiFi screen.

                Yes, I've gone in and confirmed my router's settings (no changes).

                Yes, my phone "sees" the network and that it is secured.

                NO, it will not connect....with or without the password.


                What are my options??  Can I go back to the old OS??  The WiFi option is invaluable to me regardless of my unlimited data plan. 



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                  Yes I was hoping to get an answer to this as well. I too am getting same issues with my home WIFI. I tried several suggestions from various forums. I've done a Factory reset, no luck. I've restore my router to factory and still no luck. However what I've found is this, I bring my phone to work and it connects fine. The difference is my work WIFI authentication is WEP and my home WIFI is WPA/WPA2. I haven't changed my home authentication method to WEP cause there's too many devices I have to reconfigure.


                  Can anyone try a WEP key and report back?

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                    Hi, the download of Jelly Bean was obtained from another source other than Verizon.

                    my install was downloaded to my sd card and not internal memory as it would be when you get it from verizon and that may be the difference .


                    I use a Netgear R6300 A/C router with a cable modem. with the WPA and after my Motorola Razr booted up it showed my network at home but too quite a long time to connect. in fact I went in and told it to disconnet and then relogged in with my security key. on the second attempt it connected perfectly.


                    with over 17 devices on my home network I will assume it wanted a open or assigned internal ip address. on my home network I assign all devices a permanent ip address. (such as etc. this way even with cable or modem reboots it finds and assigns the same address on the network. you can set this up through the router administration screen.


                    After this is done, and I recommend you do this for all devices on your network you should have no issues connecting your phone. since its a static ip assignment it does not preclude future connections on the open WPA at your home.


                    hope it works out for you.

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                      I am having the same issue and so is my husband. We upgraded on different days. Have spent countless hours on the phone with Verizon and they act like they don't know about this issue.

                      I have tried rebooting my modem, forgetting the network and reentering on the phone , etc. no success.

                      I am able to sign on to wifi everywhere else both free wifi as well as at work and at a friends home. Can not figure out any settings I can change in the phone. It sees my network and just says poor signal (signal is actually very strong) and connecting and doing nothing.

                      Am using a Westell modem that Verizon provided for my DSL service. It's combination modem/router and hooked to main computer by ethernet.

                      Anyone who has any ideas what we can do would be appreciated as I cant spend another three hours with tech support and getting nowhere. Internet Verizon blames cell phone. cell phone says it must be internet. Motorola also says they think its the phone. That sounds a bit weird unless all of us have defective phones.

                      Obviously its a software problem that affects some users.

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                        Have you been following this thread. This seems to be a problem for several verizon customers. I have been on the phone with Verizon multiple times since last week since my update. My phone connects to wifi everywhere but my home. I see my network but it wont connect. Verizon wireless said try replacement phone. Why do this if including my husband who got the update after me has the same problem. This is definitely not a phone issue. Motorola doesn't have an answer. My modem is working so the internet tech support from verizon say its something with the cell phone.

                        Would be really helpful if all the units in Verizon could team together to provide a constructive solution to this problem.

                        If you have any suggestions please post a reply. Thanks.

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                          I am having the same issue my phone updated to 4.1.2  and now I can not acess the wifi at my home it says good signal but when try connecting to it  says poor and never connects . i thought this may be a phone issue but it connects fine everywhere else i go work , free wifi peter pipers etc etc but ever since the update my phone will not connect at home now. it was always a good strong connection before the update. my wifi laptop works great at home and so does my childrens ipod, and kindle its not the wifi at home. I feel its something to do with the update???


                          any input ???

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