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    LG Lucid-charging display?


      When I charge my LG Lucid, the charging screen does not show my charging progress. I turn off my phone and plug it in the wall charger. The battery icon comes up with a small orange bar blinking, sometimes the orange changes to blue as the bar progresses up the battery part-way. But it does not reflect how much charge the battery has. I have tried turning on a charging wallpaper but that doesn't seem to come on either. In the morning, the phone is full charged but the battery icon still has an orange or blue bar only taking up part of the battery. Once I unplug the phone and turn it on, the battery charge says 100% and that seems accurate. How can I know when the phone is fully charged-do I have to turn the phone on? Why doesn't the charging display work?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          I can see how not knowing the true status of your battery life can be problematic, PumaMan!
          Please test your charging while the device is in safe mode
          http://bit.ly/SvCE15. Also, have you been able to try an alternate charger? That will help us narrow it down to determine whether or not you are having a problem with the charger or the device itself.
          I look forward to your reply!

          Tamara H.
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