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    iPhone 4s won't receive texts?


      Ever since I got my iPhone last March, I've been having a problem receiving texts from certain phone numbers. However, the numbers that I cannot receive from will actually receive on my iPhone if that person sends a picture message. But it will not receive a normal text. The weird thing is, any number can usually, if not always receive texts that I have sent to them, but I cannot receive anything back. This is very annoying and I am planning on cutting Verizon services if it's not worked out. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have already tried the soft and hard reset, I've changed the message settings in the Settings menu and even took my phone to a Verizon store. They pretty much said that this was not a big enough issue for Verizon to care about, so they have done nothing about it. But I wanted to ask on here first before I did anything with my services to see if anyone had a solution. Thank you.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Lets show that iPhone who's boss! I'm sorry for the trouble this has caused, valveking09. We certainly want to see this resolved for you, and keep you a happy, loyal customer for years to come! If this is happening with a few specific contacts, it could be a routing issue. Can you confirm these individuals have your number listed as a 10 digit number, not 7 or 11 digits? If it is 7 or 11 digit, have them adjust to 10 digits. After, they will want to erase the entire text thread and start a new text message to you. This should then be received properly into our network and on your phone! If this continues, we can look into potential network roadblocks. Keep me posted!

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            After nearly two full days of being unable to send or receive texts, everything suddenly started working again this afternoon. As far as I can tell, nothing I did made the difference; I didn't restore or find a setting that would cause the change. It just started working.

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              Same trouble here. Went to have my hair done and she knew exactly what was wrong. She removed the Sims card and no problem since! Sims card is for international calling only. They don't seem to know this at the Verizon Store or the Apple store.