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    The Verizon Data Scam


      I just wanted to warn fellow customers about the ridiculous parameters verizon uses for their data plan, so they do not have the same issue I just had.



      I recently switched from sprint, purchased the 300mb data plan thinking that I barely use the internet with my phone so this should be more than suitable. 



      was having difficulty sleeping and so streamed a three hour youtube video with soothing sounds



      My monthly data usage jumped from mere KB to 1.3GB!  Verizon charges 15$ per 300MB over your plan.  This resulted in a heft 60$ charge for listening

      to a 3 hour youtube video on my phone.  I am not sure how they calculate data usage, but when I had sprint I listened to youtube videos on my phone

      and never had an issue like this.  I would switch back right now except that verizon gets way better service in the area which I live.  I would advise people

      to pay close attention to their bill so they do not have this happen to them.  In my eyes, it is either a very unfair way of calculating data, or just another way for phone companies to scam unsuspecting customers.

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          What data plan did you have with Sprint? Do you have an idea of how much data you were using when you were "listening" to YouTube videos on Sprint. Do you have WiFi available at home? If so, you should set your phone to auto connect to WiFi when in your home and you would therefore not be using data while at home, even if you were to "listen" to a YouTube video.

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            Sorry but a Youtube video can easily excede 1 Mbps. Which is 1.3 GB for 3 hours. Some can use MUCH higher than that. Even the very lowest quality Youtube videos will use at least 150 MB per hour. Even just streaming music from Pandora or Spotify etc will use at least 60 MB per hour and upwards of 140 MB per hour. If you want to do these activities you either need to use wi-fi or you need or up your data plan. So there isn't any scam going on. Did you not know 300 MB is not very much data? Do you not know streaming music and especially video uses A LOT of data? I am currious to know as to how much youtube you thought you would be able to stream with a 300 MB plan?

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              I believe there is something fishy going on with Verizon and data reporting. Buyers and current customers BEWARE! If you have an unlimited data plan DO NOT change it...don't do it. No matter what anyone tells you or shows you...in the several years I've NEVER went over 2GB of data usage, so when I looked at my history, and after a lengthy lecture by the instore Verizon representative I hesitated, but ended up switching to the 2GB plan...worst decision EVER! Five days in to my new billing cycle, suddenly I've used more data then I ever have in my time as  Verizon Customer. Not to mention, I was being careful to close all my apps, turn cellular usage off (something I never did in the past). Anyhow, my 14 days are up, so there's no way Verizon will even give me a chance to go back to my plan. I can't wait for my contract to end in October, never again! I've spent over four hours with representatives, supervisors, and tech support...it's hillarious to hear their reasons as to why after two years, I'm sort of super user suddenly after I lower my plan...keep in mind I'm trying to avoid using my data, but still using more data then I've ever used. And I still have two weeks in my billing cycle...SCAM!


              I just hate to think of all the hard workers trying to cut back like I did, just to get sucked into this scam and have a representative gladly offer you an additional 2GB for an additional $10 to avoid going over. I won't do it...I would rather not use my phone then to allow you to take another dollar from me. Please monitor your data use and don't waste your time calling Verizon, no one is helpful or even cares, they just want more money from you. You will hang up the phone feeling more frustrated and wishing you never have to deal with these people again.

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                One other thing...don't use this http://support.verizonwireless.com/terms/products/vz_email.html or this http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/datacalculatorPopup.jsp as a guide, it's published on the Verizon Website...but if just sending an email MMS (by the way, sending a photo text uses data), and pulling up a google map uses almost half a GB...then I must be the one the highest data users on the planet. Oh, and Verizon says most users approx. 90% use less than 2GB...really? Actually, that only applies to users who have unlimited data plans. As soon as you switch to a data plan, you become a super user...watch out!

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                  Funny no one in our family has ever had a problem with usage being misreported. I find people have email auto uploaded for pics and stuff upload to a cloud automatically and then want to accuse Verizon of "scamming" them.

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                    Actually, I used to have unlimited data on 2 out of 4 lines on my Family Share plan. We each used less than 1 GB/month.


                    I currently have 4 lines(all smartphones) on my Share Everything plan. We currently use less than 2 GB/month COMBINED. Switching to a metered data plan DOES NOT turn you into a super user. Only YOUR data usage habits can do that. I HAVE been watching out. It has been 4 months since the change and I am still watching out.

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                      I think what he implying is that once you're on a metered plan you usage mysteriously goes up so Verizon can charge you overage fees. Of course that has never happened to us. At one time I was on a $15 150 MB plan. You'd think Verizon would want to make me go over so I'd switch to a $30 plan. My usage was always what it was supposed to be.

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                        We had the same problem with verizon and we did not have this problem with sprint at all. I hate that they are using us and they payed me back what was charged because they started watching my usage since I started praying for them in the store around customers..lol

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                          The only issue with data reporting that I'm aware of was with the iPhone 5, but I believe that was fixed and it was due to a bug with the phone's software, not Verizon mis-calculating data usage.


                          Sounds like you used the data Verizon is reporting, go for a higher tiered data plan.

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