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    Can I use an Android phone without a data plan?


      Please read all of this before responding. You will not be helping when you show a clear misunderstanding of my question.


      I do not need a data plan. Everywhere I go has Wi-Fi, and I am perfectly content to not have internet connectivity in the event that I don't have Wi-Fi. What I want to know is if I can buy a phone from a store (not from Verizon or a contract renewal) and replace my current phone with it without needing a data plan. There is NO software/hardware reason why I couldn't, and the only reason I would need to is as a Verizon requirement.


      As an additional question, if Verizon doesn't allow it, is there any workaround?


      I want an android phone not to have ubiquitous connection to social media. I want an android phone to have platform to run software on in addition to making/receiving calls and text messages. I would not utilize a data plan and it would be a waste of money.


      Additional info: 

      Can I use an Android phone that I buy from a retailer on my Verizon plan without adding data? There's no hardware or software reason why I need a data plan, and there IS a point to having a smart phone without a data plan: Wi-Fi. I don't need to have redundant internet access.  The only reason conceivable for why I'd need a data plan is because Verizon wants more money for no additional service (I wouldn't USE connectivity provided by a data plan). I don't want to have a mobile platform for running software and a phone filling my pockets, I'd like it to be in one. All the connectivity I need is for calls and text messaging.


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