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    Buy Iphone 5 on contract and cancel the contract immediately




      I would like to have an unlocked iphone 5 that I will be able to use around the world but am not a verizon customer. Since from my understanding iphone model A1429 is more of world phone than A1428 (which can be boudht straight away unlocked) due to its LTE frequencies, and cannot be bought any other way this is the reason why I am posting my question.


      1.So if I buy and Iphone 5 (online) on contract for $200 do I need to activate it with Verizon sim once I receive it or I can just pop in my Tmobile sim and

      start using right away?


      2. If I need to activate it with my Verizon sim will I still be able to use T-mob sim in it? I mean won't the activation with the VErizon lock the phone to their network?


      3. If it is true that I have to use Verizon sim to activate and can then after use T-mob sim anyways, can I just cancel my Verizon contract right away, pay ETF an that is all?  Because I have read in Verizon's T&C that if you cancel your contract before 14 days you have to return it and you will be refunded your money or not return it and finish up paying ETF ($350)? Are there maybe some other charges too (activation fee,...)? Regarding activation fee I have read that it is waived if terminated within 3 days of number activation, is that true?


      Thanks for your answers!

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          You would need the GSM iPhone 5 for T-Mobile use  if I am not mistaken. In that case, you can just purchase the unlocked iPhone 5 available on Apple's website. It sounds like you are trying to pay the cheaper contract price without actually having a contract with VZW. If you cancel the contract immediately you will be charged the full retail price of the device. If you cancel the contract without actually activating the device you will be charged full retail. In the end, it would be in your best interest to just go ahead and buy the device at full retail without the hassle of wondering what fees you will be charged. It's also possible (I may be wrong on this) that you won't be able to activate the device if you cancel the contract and haven't paid what you owe to VZW...if that is the case then you will have done all of that for nothing.

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            There are several T-Mobile customers reporting that they bought the Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 and are successfully using it on T-Mobile.


            From what omega007 has written, it sounds like he/she would have to pay the $200 for the phone, the $350 ETF, the activation fee (I don't know if this is $30 or $36), and the time for the service used, since omega007 would have to wait until after 14 days to cancel service.  This gets really close to the $649 that the iPhone 5 costs without a contract, and the no-contract purchase probably would be the easiest route to go.


            Since there are two different A1429 models, I would suggest reviewing the Apple website to see which model is really the one that is best used around the world or more specifically, where omega007 wants to use the iPhone 5.



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              thanks for your answers.

              The reason why I am trying to get iphone from verizon is because if you buy unlocked Iphone from Apple it is model A1428 and I need A1429 CDMA (uses LTE frequencies that are mostly used around the world). I would buy A1429 GSM but it can be bought only outside US. I have read that A1429 can also be used on GSM without problem.

              I was just wonderign if someone knows do I cancel my contract without even inserting verizon sim and activating, or do I need to first insert VZW sim, activate the phone and than after can I cancel my contract.


              @kaebfly- I have understood I can cancel contract within 14 days of activation and without returning the phone just pay 350 ETF and the phone is mine.


              @21stNow - do you think I have to wait to cancel contract after 14 days?


              @ both- when you say off contract do you mean VZW on month-to-month base or unlocked iphone from apple? If you think of later than the reason is the phone model.


              Thanks for your answers

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                The reason that I say that you have to wait until after the first 14 days are up is that that period is known as the buyer's remorse period.  I haven't done this so I don't know how much they would bend on it, but carriers usually ask for the equipment back if you cancel within the buyer's remorse period.  You would only be responsible for the cost of service for the days that you had your account.  I don't think that paying the ETF is an option until day 15.


                When I mentioned an off-contract purchase earlier, I was referring to buying a Verizon Wireless iPhone at the no-commitment price ($649/16GB model).  As far as I know, you still have to sign up for monthly service if you buy it from Verizon Wireless, which you would be free to cancel at any time.  The fee for the last month of service would not be prorated, though, if the cancellation date is not at the end of the billing cycle.


                You may be able to buy the Verizon Wireless iPhone from the Apple store without a service plan, but I'm not sure.  You can call and ask them about this.