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    How do I completely turn off data roaming on my Samsung Galaxy S3??


      Hi everyone,


      Recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S3 from a Droid Incredible.  On the Incredible it was pretty easy to turn off any kind of data while roaming.  Simply shut off 'mobile network'.  Done.  I could still place and receive calls with absolutely no data usage.


      After upgrading to the S3 I went on a trip to Canada.  Here's what I did to disable data.


      Open the notification bar and de-select 'Mobile Data'

      Go to settings -> wireless and networks -> mobile networks -> global data roaming access -> Selected 'Deny data roaming access'

      Note that the 'network mode' option the same page was set to 'Global' but given the other two options I thought this was enough.


      When we landed I received notification that we in fact are using data on a roaming network, but given the options above I ignored it.  Sure enough when my bill comes there are several lines of 'global data pay as you go' or something to that effect.


      So the question... how do I completely turn off data on this phone?  I'll be making several trips back to Canada in the near future and I don't want to be dinged for global data roaming every time.  How many options does it take to turn it off???