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    Sony Xperia Z on Verizon


      I would like to see Verizon offer the top of the line Sony smartphones, and in particular the upcoming Sony Xperia Z. Sony is currently producing the best camera sensors in mainstream use, this combined with the screen, waterproof feature, and ability to interact with the phone when it is wet (ie. rain or sweat) make this a premium smartphone that should be offered by Verizon. There are still critical things to be tested and reviewed like call quality which could be an issue with a waterproof phone, and reception. However if it lives up to the standards set by Apple and Samsung, we should be able to have it on Verizon. If you feel the same, please let your voices be heard.

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          Sony has to first decide it is profitable to build a phone with the CDMA and LTE radios used by Verizon as well as getting it tested through the FCC.

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            Excellent point, and I hope they do. I am assuming Sony recognizes the importance of offering their flagship smartphone on Verizon, and that if there is enough interest Verizon and Sony will make it happen.

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              Since I live in Oregon where it's a bit wet much of the year, I would gladly snatch up one of the Xperia Z phones due to its rugged design including waterproof build.  The large screen looks great.  Plus the phone's ability to preserve battery by shutting off apps while the phone's display is off would be great (I have a battery hog Nexus currently).  Verizon: Please bring on the Xperia Z!

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                This phone as by and far one of the best things hitting the market this year and I would heavily consider changing providers just to get it if Verizon doesn't snatch it up.

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                  Verizon needs to start carrying some of the leading phones. This sony would be a good start.

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                    I think Sony  has a history of innovation that goes back long before Apple. Like Apple it dropped the ball and became a has been, but I think the Xperia Z together with the recent success of Sony's digital imaging demonstrates the potential Sony has to offer. Sony's NEX series cameras and the best point and shoot in the RX 100 demonstrate that Sony can and is able to create and engineer great products. Sony also has content and services it can leverage through  Sony Entertainment something HTC and Nokia for example can't match. If there is a company that has the potential to break out into a post Apple mobile world it is Sony, and I think Verizon would do well to support and work with companies like Sony. Sony has the  expertise to engineer new ideas and capabilities of mobile devices in terms of audio, video, still imaging, and games. We are getting to the point where your phone can be a quality mobile rich media capture, editing, and production device. If Verizon wants to have alternatives to Apple, and get out from under the subsidies that Apple demands, I  would think Sony is one of the alternatives worth backing.


                    Other than that Verizon should offer the best phones, and Sony is beginning to look like it knows how to deliver top tier devices.

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                      I have to agree, the Xperia Z on Verizon would be great! I previously owned an Xperia Play, which I thought was a pretty and fun to use phone. With specs of the Z, I can see  myself getting another Xperia.

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                        Won't happen. The phone's too good. Verizon's philosophy is that every phone must be crippled in some fashion (e.g. Droid DNA and its laughable storage) otherwise the customers might actually be excited about buying one of their devices, instead of feeling like they're being asked which of their fingers they're most willing to part with.

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                          I hope this is not true..VZW will start to lose customers if they do not allow good devices on their network.

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