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    Text delays


      Since the Verizon software update..have noticed a serious delay in the ability to send texts, typing, etc. 

      Rebooting the phone doesn't work.....

      Any help would be appreciated...

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hey there sgfas81!

          I know the software update pushed by Samsung did improve your phone a lot! I am sorry that you were having trouble with texts though! If I may ask, was the delay in sending or receiving? Was the delay while you were typing the message (aka with the keyboard)? Was that same problem happening in other apps like e-mail or the browser? Any 3rd party apps that were downloaded for messaging? Let us know a bit more and we can assist. Thanks!


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            Thank you for your email. The trouble is with sending and typing. I didn't

            appear to have a problem receiving. I couldn't text any pictures/media and

            any text I sent would just freeze.I would need to restart the phone for any

            message to send


            I had no problems with email or browser searching or other apps like

            Facebook or Twitter..just with the messenging/texting.


            I don't use any third party app for texting. The problem only appeared after

            the software update.




            Thanks for your help with this.






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              The email you received was actually a notification of a reply to the post you started on the Verizon Wireless Community Forum. When you replied by email you also attached a bunch of email header information including your full name. Please be aware of that the next time you reply through email.