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    Surcharges on Bill


      Just started with Verizon a week ago...received my first bill and there was a "Surcharge" of $80.68 on the bill.  There was no real explaination of it except that Veizon is covering some of their expenses.  I thought the reason I took a certain plan it would make my bill the same each month.  Does anyone else have extra "Surcharges" on their plan???

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hey jkilmer1 I can fully understand your concerns surrounding the $80.68 surcharge on your bill. Normally the taxes and surcharges are not that much. You will see larger amount when it includes an activation fee. The charge is $35.00 for the first line and $25.00 for each additional line. I would suggest taking a look at the bill detail for each line. You can go to vzw.com and sign into your account. You will be able to view a full breakdown of the charges. I hope this helps! Have a great evening.


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            You need to look at your "detailed" bill, not the summary which lumps ALL surcharges/fees into one bundle and only lists the total.


            Log into your MyVerizon account. Click on "View Online Bill" or "View Printable Bill".


            If you choose "View Printable Bill" a new window will open up and a PDF of your bill will appear. Scroll down to see what the is included in your "Surcharge". If you have more than 1 line(Family Plan), there will be surcharges on each line and the total will add up to your "Surcharge" of $80.68.


            If you choose "View Online Bill" a new window will open up with your bill. Several tabs are listed above your bill and it is opened up to "Bill Summary". As I said before, this is just a summary of your bill with all of the charges under each category totaled up for convenience. Other available tabs are "Charges By Line", "Shared Usage" and "Calls, Messages & Data". If you are not on a Family or Shared plan, you may not have the "Shared Usage" tab.


            Click on the "Charges By Line" tab. Click on a line(if multiple lines) and expand the selection. At the bottom of the detail will be your surcharges "Verizon Wireless Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits" and "Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees". Expand each of these selections to get details of all of the amounts/descriptions under each heading.


            If this is your first bill, a one time $35 activation fee will be listed as one of these surcharges.

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              I have two lines and we share our data.  The bill gives separate charges for the surcharges for each line.  Without any taxes/surcharges, i should be$150 which is $70 for data, and $40 per line.  Someone each line has $9.31 in surcharges.  How is that possible?!?!? Per month, I will pay an extra $18.62 in surcharges (before taxes)?!?!?  This is my first month.  The activation fees are also on the bill which I expected.  The prorated surcharges only include 1 extra day.  So this is the surcharge for one full month plus one extra day.  This sounds outrageous.  With taxes, I'll pay almost $40 in taxes/surcharges each month on $150 in services?!?!?

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                I guess it would depend on what was listed in the details of those surcharges. I live in one of the most surcharge/tax happy states around, and my surcharges/taxes only run $6.89/line each month.


                The items listed under my surcharges are:


                "Verizon Wireless Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits"

                Fed Universal Service Charge = $0.67

                Regulatory Charge = $0.16

                Administrative Charge = $0.90

                Gross Receipts Surchg = $0.92


                "Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees"

                NY Public Safety Comm Surchg = $1.20

                Cnty 911 Surchg = $0.30

                NY State Sales Tax = $1.37

                Cnty Sales Tax = $1.37


                Which totals to $6.89 and is on all lines. So depending on how these are broken out in your billing details, you should be able to determine if you will be paying these each month.

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                  Can someone from Verizon help me?  I live in NYC.  Other than the city tax, I don't know why mine is so much more than rcschnoor's.  And yes, I'm already accounting for the activation fee I paid.

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                    What are the details for your "surcharges" line by line? If you want someone from Verizon to help you, you will most likely have to call in to CS *611 from your phone.


                    You may eventually get a response from a Verizon rep on here, but it may take a few weeks to a month, if ever, as this is a customer-to-customer forum.


                    If you want assistance on this forum, it would be helpful if you could list the "details" of these "surcharges". In your bill, there are details for each of the charges similar to the details I listed in my previous post.

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                      Another thought on why your "Verizon Wireless Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits" may be high is any insurance you may have on your phone(s). I personally don't have any insurance on any of my phones and therefore don't know where this charge would be listed in your bill, but you should be able to find it if you look at your detailed bill and not just the summary.

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                        Hi.  Thanks for the help.  I already previously called in and they were useless.


                        Here are the details for one line.  The same details are on the other line as well...


                        Verizon Wireless Surcharges and Other Charges & Credits * 

                        Verizon Wireless Surcharges - Includes charges to recover or help defray costs of taxes and of governmental charges and fees imposed on us by the government. Other Charges and Credits - includes charges for products and services, and credits owing. More Information    

                        Fed Universal Service Charge $2.44

                        Regulatory Charge $0.32

                        Administrative Charge $1.80

                        Gross Receipts Surchg $4.76

                        Cellular Service - Activation $35.00


                        Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees * 

                        Includes sales, excise and other taxes and governmental surcharges and fees that we are required by law to bill customers. More Information    

                        NY Public Safety Comm Surchg $2.40

                        NYC 911 Surchg $0.60

                        NY State Sales Tax $3.56

                        New York City Sales Tax $4.02

                        NY Local McTd Sales Tax $0.33

                        Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees $10.91

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                          no insurance either!

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