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    AAA Discount


      How do you apply for a AAA discount. Support made it sound so easy on the phone and the website he sent me to has no info that i can find.

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            There is no AAA discount unless they have an agreement with vzw and you are an employee. If you simply have AAA and think you get a discount you are out of luck.

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              I just recently started receiving emails from VZ telling me to renew my employee discount.  So I called because i'm not an employee and there is no email for AAA.  The rep said:


              "no problem, I'll renew it for you"  wow, great, thank you very much.  It's 20% so no chump change.

              But as has happened to me too many times to count now......SHE LIED!!!!  There is no discount anymore.

              So in a short year I will finally DUMP VZ and go to any other provider I can find.


              Sadly......they might not be any better. 

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                So you're not an employee but you expect an employee discount....and for this you're looking for another carrier?

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                  Good point.  I didn't understand why I was getting it since I've never been a AAA employee.  I guess I should appreciate it and move on.  And if the other carriers are only offering it to their employees it would do me no good either.


                  I've just had such awful experiences with VZ (business accounts) over the years but was locked in with that discount on my personal cell account.  Now I can move on, regardless of what the fee will be with another one.  I just need to be done with VZ. 

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    I'm sorry you were advised your discount would be renewed and it was never applied. If a discount has expired on your account you can reapply online via our website http://vz.to/HDxFnP . If you are still working with the company and they still have an agreement with us, we can add the discount back on to your account if you qualify. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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                      I received a discount for several years as a AAA road service customer prior to changing...

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                        So you received a discount through AAA as an employer while you were employed.  That's how employer discounts are supposed to work.

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                          I was never an employee for AAA.  "I received a discount for several years as a AAA road service customer prior to changing..."

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