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    No Verizon Apps are working


      Today I attempted to turn on my wi-fi hotspot.  It says I do not have a subscription to it.  So I went to use the "My Verizon Mobile" app to check on my account status and that also had issues connecting with error code 1000.  Just for the sake of argument I tried to open NFL mobile and that wouldn't connect either.  Yet my internet and any non-verizon apps work just fine.  It also makes and recieves phone calls without incident.  Its like my phone isn't recognizing that I'm a verizon customer.  I use the hotspot to access school work and do reports for my job on an ambulance.  The benefit of having to switch to the share everything plan is that I should be able to tether without incident.  I also tried to pull the sim card.  I tried to force stop the apps and restart the phone.  I even cleared the cache in those apps after they wouldn't open.  I had a buddy try it on his phone and all his worked just fine.  Anyone else ever have this?  How did you resolve it?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello ff_ntn,  Let's make sure that every aspect of your service is as reliable as the network!  We may need to take a closer look at your account if these concerns still persist.  If needed, please follow me back and send a Direct Message with your account information and I would be happy to assist further.

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