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    Setting up iPhone 5



      I just got my iPhone 5 in the mail and I'm setting it up now. I was prett sure that I had backed up my iPhone 4 right before but when I got to the step to either "setup as a new iPhone" or "restore from the backup of 'my iPhone'", it says that I last backed up my iPhone 4 on 9/26/2012. What should I do?? I want to make sure all my info goes into my new phone



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello kquinn121,  Congratulations on the new device!  I hope you are enjoying it!  Let's make sure you have all your data.  Once shown the older date did you try to run another back up on the iPhone 4?  To confirm, were you doing this while connected to your computer with the USB cable or through iCloud?  Please keep me updated on the status as I would be more than happy to provide additional support.

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