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    Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpack?


      I was planning to use my newly purchased Jetpack with a Dropcam to watch over a boat docked at a marina miles away from home.  But having a 24/7 connection over the internet will consume about 60GB of data!  I can't afford to pay for that much data on my current "Shared" plan.

      Anyone have ideas for a solution to this problem?

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          Use a marina you trust more instead of one you feel a need to keep a 24/7 watch in effect over your boat. It may be more expensive, but maybe less expensive than the cost of the marina AND the data plan.

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            The marina I use now is on a military base .... It's patrolled by military personnel.  When it comes to my security, I trust noone more than I trust myself.  Would prefer to have my own "eyes" on the boat and a recording of anything that might happen when I'm not there.

            Thanks for commenting, though.

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              Get a cloudcam you can do the same thing and consume only about a fraction as a dropcam.  The cloudcam can send you alerts via email when motion is detected it can record to a NAS or MicroSD Card.  Only uses data when you want to view remotely via IPHONE or Android.  WORKS with VERIZON 3g and 4G no static IP Address required so you can bypass the $500 Fee you have to pay to verizon for the static Ip address.


              You can view more info on the cloud cams and see other reviews by going to 3gstore



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                I'm comparing the "cloudcam" to my Dropcam ....  But still don't see how it solves my problem, because it, too, requires an internet connection for me to view the feed from home or a remote location.  That's what I planned to use the Jetpack for ... until I realized that it would cost too much for 24/7 streaming of live video to the Dropcam service.  I'm using the Dropcam at home, now, where I have high speed cable internet service, 24/7, for just $25 per month ... no additional costs for data up/downloads.  Why can't Verizon match that?

                Still looking for a solution that will work on my boat ... at a reasonable cost.