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    Casio commando 2.3.3 reboot & phantom swipe


      Hey all,

         Had my Commando for 2 years now, not the most impressive phone but necessary for my occupation. I've noticed the phone has always had something of a 'random reboot' issue since it came out of the box. For me it is rare, I've read for others it can happen multiple times daily.

         My latest and greatest issue is a new 'phantom' causing what appears to be swipe glitches. At random times, typically when texting app or email app is running, I set phone down and when I come back it has opened up a home screen app (usually my alarm clock or clock widget) and is locked into some sort of swiping pattern I cannot break through. I have to close main screen for a few minutes, turn on screen, then fix and back out of whatever app the phone opened. This is now occurring on a semi-regular basis, and ONLY happens when I set the phone down on its back. Instinctively, it could be a calibration issue with the internal oscillation-balance device, as my commando has been dropped, kicked, and pretty much beaten senseless since Day 1.

         This issue has only come up in the last few weeks, which is why I'm addressing the community to see if I'm an isolated case or others experiencing similar issues.

      Also, has anyone else had any issues using 16 GB+ SD cards in their commandos? My coworker loaded a 32 GB card in his and has issues saving to/loading from. My 16 GB works fine. Just curious.....


      Thanks in advance!

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          • I have the same random reboot from day 1, not a lot of abuse for this phone. Maybe dropped a few times at most.


          • The processor I've noticed in the commando has a difficult time with running the 32GB card, as it has soo much more to process. I had this issue. Dropped to a 16gb and there is quite a bit less freezing and random reboot, when the processor freezes.


          • This phantom swipe is quite annoying. Its randomly sent messages to people like "ajalkeulk jlakjkelkl jackrabbit". My friend replied, phantom phone with a ? mark to me, and I had to call him to say yes, because it wouldn't allow me to delete the letters when typing different ones. I have had this problem and just recently updated to the 2.3.3 version and still this problem persists.

          I was hoping to find that Casio made a newer smartphone with a slightly faster processor, like I was hearing last year, but still the same ruggedness. (I've run with casio phones for a few years now and love the durability).


          The phone phantom swipes are causing me to look elsewhere at other phones. I just bought another commando to see if the problem was encountered on that phone and it was.


          • Also major issues with the charging ports, Verizon wall charger = no charging. Target wall charger = charging. Verizon car charger = Occasional charging. It wiggles in the port and you can notice when it charges and when it doesn't. But wiggle in the port of the target charger and it charges consistent.



          Any help is much appreciated.


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            Bumping for good reason...


            Although I'm sure Casio is dedicating more resources to developing the Type-L and its other lines, it sure would be nice for some follow-up help with their current-yet-near-obsolete models.


            After my OP, I've tracked my issues and came up with a few observations:

            - Swapping from 16 GB to 8 GB SD card dramatically increased my processing speed

            - Still experiencing phantom issues... even after rooting, debloating, and virtually clearing everything that wasn't absolutely necessary. More specifically, if I activate any app then set the phone down and leave it, I come back to a locked-up or glitchy phantom screen. The remedy is to close-out the screen then come back and it glitch vanishes. However, if I turn off my screen before setting it down, the problem never happens.

            - I switched to a third-party MMS/SMS app and the phantom-texting vanished.   

            - I've had no issues with wall-chargers, VZ or any others. I did notice the port-wiggling and inconsistent charging from the Verizon car charger, though. Seems to be a pattern among most ruggedized phones, mostly due to the flex-type construction designed to take impacts.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Greetings FFdan!

              With all of these "phantom" issues, you've come to the right place because this VZW sleuth is on the case and ready to solve matters. Of course, I'm terribly sorry to learn of these complications but let's jump right in and get your phone back on your good graces.

              To start, in regards to the memory card issue, your device should not experience severe slowdowns just because a higher SD card has been installed. In fact, the Commando is approved for up to a 32 GB micro SD card. Now, let's talk about the random rebooting and the Swype issue collectively. Going the route of a third party messaging app is one way around things, but we don't want you to have to deal with persisting issues with your stock application. Something you may wish to try since this is now affecting any app with your phone set down is a hard reset http://vz.to/IIwsvK . Please be sure to backup your information first. Then instead of reloading all of your applications, please clean them out and only load trusted ones back on. I look forward to hearing back with results.

              VZW Support
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                Hello, EvanO_VZW


                I've had my phone for less than 2 months...2 random reboots so far. Can anything be done about that, specifically??  I have not seen the problem with phantom swipe, although the last time it randomly rebooted, the function of my bluetooth headset was really affected (or maybe it was really Nuance that was so confused)


                I love the ruggedness of the phone.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Thanks for contacting us, rhondadyer. I'm sure a random reboot is quite baffling, especially if there is no rhyme or reason as to why it may be doing this. This phone will definitely stand the test of time due to the ruggedness.
                  I do want want to confirm that your Commando has the most recent software version on it. (It should but it doesn't hurt to confirm).

                  Please go to Applications > Settings > About phone > Build number.
                  Once you are there it should read the software version as  C771M130. If that is current, I want some additional details as far as any noticeable patterns when it reboots. Is it during a specific function? I look forward to your reply so we can get this taken care of.

                  Tamara H.
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                    I recently upgraded my memory card from 8 GB to a class 10 16 GB card. I unmounted the card, put it in my PC, moved the nearly 7 GB of content to the HDD and then moved that data to the 16 GB card.  During the xfr there were some files in a "RES" folder that had paths that were too long to transfer, so they got left behind.  I put the new card back into the C771 and now it randomly "loses" the card, randomly reboots and the whole thing has got me thinking about going back to the old card...or a new phone. After a reboot, things usually work, but I have found it sometimes stumbles on reboot, too, and I have to reboot again.  I have the current build and the phone has had almost no bumps or hazards imposed on it in its 2 years...still have original screen protector!!


                    BTW, there is so little headroom in the limited C771 RAM - I'd love to trim out the bloatware, not remove my apps.  I cleared out my old messages which helped some, but this bloatware is a real issue.  Thx.