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    How To Get $10 Free Airtime?


      Ok, I bought a basic prepaid phone and it says that the phone comes with $10 free airtime which activates when I call a number. I've tried calling the number, but there is no option given to activate my free time. Verizon's customer service is so bad, that I can't even get in touch with an actual human to help me figure this out. Any ideas that isn't as drastic as abandoning verizon service?

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            This is a peer to peer customer forum so you might not get a response quickly. Did you search the community for any similar discussion? For example... $10 free Air Time with new phone I purchased but it's not showing up.

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              I had the same thing happen, its that the phone comes from a different warehouse and not at a verizon store, you have to call Customer service and they will add the $10.00 for you, call this number and follow the directions Call 1-888-294-0804 when the recording starts press the number 4 and when the message starts again press number 4 again, when the message starts again press number 4 again and then when the message starts press numner 5 and you will be connected to a human and they will add the minutes for you. I went through the same thing a few months ago. P.S if you do not have have  a landline use your cell and hit *611 and one of the options will be do you need help with your phone say yes and they will help you. There is no charge for dailing *611 from our cell.


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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi nickclone!

                I definitely want you to get the additional airtime you were promised when activating Prepaid service! Please contact our Prepaid Department, who can review the account and make sure you're taken care of. You can dial *611 and send from your wireless phone, or 888-294-6804. Thanks in advance and have a good day!

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