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    Text messages Pix or Flix


      I Have the bright side phone.  Since last night I've received 4 text messages from Home stating I have a Pix or Flix message.  To view visit www.vzw.com/newpix-flix-message from an Internet accessible computer.  I have not sent any pictures or messages recently from my phone and not to myself.  I received one at 3:00 this morning.  Where are these texts coming from and how do i get them  to stop?

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          Fantastic question! I can certainly understand your frustration with receiving unknown messages. Let's get this resolved. What device do you have? If you have device that is unable to receive picture messages, when someone sends you a picture message the message will go to pix place. You will need to log in at the link provided in the text message or MyVerizon http://bit.ly/xB4iTc to retrieve the picture. Hope this helps!

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