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    Droid DNA Bluetooth Connection Problems


      I just recently switch from the HTC Thunderbolt to the HTC Droid DNA and I'm having problems playing media in my car through the bluetooth connection.  The phone paired perfectly with the 2012 Toyota Sienna and the phone application works great.  When playing music, the music will play for about 15 seconds then stop.  The car says the connection is still there, the players say they are still playing and I've tried a few different media applications.  The Thunderbolt worked perfectly.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

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          My new DNA is won't link up on my 2012 Ram with Uconnect.  Verizon tells me to go the the dealership because "there is" a software update for the Uconnect. Dodge and Uconnect advised me I have been sold a phone that will never work!  Of course while at the Verizon store, out of town on  business, they said there would not be any issue...

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            BigBehr.  I have had the issue you describe (working streaming audio, then stops) occasionally, but I can resolve it by pausing the phone audio, toggling the inputs on my car stereo, then hitting play on the phone again.  I had a HTC G2 previously and it worked flawlessly with my 2012 Subaru standard CD player with mp3/usb/bluetooth.


            However, my larger issue is that the DROID DNA will not auto-connect to my car bluetooth.  I have to manually connect it every time I want to use it (Phone, Settings, Bluetooth, Click my car under paired devices).


            I absolutely love everything else about this phone, but this blue tooth issue is driving me crazy.  Any suggestions out there? 

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi BigBehr! I hope you're enjoying that awesome DNA other than this little speed bump with your car's bluetooth connection. From what I understand, you're able to listen to music fine with the phone application and this is only happening when paired to your car. Correct? I checked out Toyota's website at http://www.toyota.com/connect/# as well as the Bluetooth information from HTC http://bit.ly/Um3fP3 for the DNA, and it doesn't look like HTC and Toyota have had an opportunity to test the compatibility fo all the features between the devices yet. Since the DNA has been upgraded to Jelly Bean OS from Android and the Thunderbolt has the Gingerbread OS from Android, there may be a few compatibility differences you run into with your new phone and 3rd party devices, like your car Bluetooth. As additional testing is completed, HTC and Toyota will be updating the links I provided.

              Thank you

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                I am having the identical problem in my 2012 Subaru Outback,  The phone connects flawlessly, the Media connects via Bluetooth but no audio is transferred even though the DNA is playing.  If I connect the Aux cable then I can play it through but not Bluetooth.  The subaru site also indicates that no testing has been done wiht the DNA, my previous Incredible 2 worked well. I am assuming we simply need to continue to contact the auto makers and hope they can do a Firmware Update on the Audio systems once they verify the fix.

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                  it's the level of Bluetooth that you have theirs levels 1 through 5 if it doesn't match up it won't work



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                    After checking the compatability guide for the DNA/ Bluetooth, it seems the phone is compatible with every make except Nissan and Infiniti.  In my case, my 2009 Infiniti G37 worked flawlessly and clearly with my HTC Droid Incredible 2 as well as iPhone 4s, but with the DNA the sound on hands-free phonecalls is awful.  The phone sounds great in my wife's Acura, but in the Infiniti it's phone to the ear or nothing.  Everybody sounds like they're in a wind tunnel.  So buyer beware: don't buy the DNA if you drive an Infiniti or Nissan.

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                      I also have this problem with my 2012 Toyota 4Runner. I have the non-GPS, standard stereo. The DNA connects, and calls work fine. When I try to stream audio from Play Music, it will stream for a few seconds and then stop. The phone still thinks it's working. I also can't get other apps like Audible or Dog Catcher to stream. This is a huge problem for me as I listen to audiobooks and podcasts on my commute.

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                        There was a DNA update issued last week that was supposed to address some Bluetooth issues.  I am curious if this has fixed anyone's Bluetooth problems?  I exchanged 3 different headsets before figuring out my phone was the culprit.  In my case, audio (Pandora, etc) sounded wonderful through my headset, but phone calls were terrible.  I was told I sounded like I was in a can, and I could barely hear my callers.  I didn't have cheap headsets either.  I tried the Jawbone ERA, the Plantronics Voyager Legend, and another Plantronics device.  I purchased them all at VZW.  Finally, someone at the VZW store was kind enough to pair my headset with their GS3 and it worked perfectly.  They paired my headset to another DNA and it also sounded horrible.  I was told it was something with the DNA and hopefully the next update would resolve it. Luckily they allowed me to return the device for a refund. 


                        I'm hoping this resolved the issues, as I am on the road all day long and really need a headset, but am not going to go plop down another $100 until it is fixed.


                        Any comments from other DNA users post update would be appreciated.


                        Thank you!

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                          No it has not fixed my problems, just had someone tell me to get off if as I sounded horrible.  Putting my headsets away for now and this is really an important issue for me as I use bluetooth in the car and in my office.  In places where you are required to use handsfree I can't use my phone.  About to put this under the reviews of this phone to warn people off getting a DNA until they resolve it.

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