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    Purchased Ringtones


      Help! I cannot find my purchased ringtones on my Droid 4 in the ringtones. Please advise.

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          If they were delivered to your phone via text message, did you save them to the phone?  If so they might be in the "downloads" folder.

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            I purchased a ringtone tonight. When the text message came thru, there was no MMS attachment with it and message said "Unsupported multimedia message".  Cannot finish the process.

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              The option was not available. I called customer service this morning and was advised to download VC tones to purchase ringtone since they did not show up on our bill. The ringtone downloaded; but rings announcing “Verizon Wireless” before the actual ringtone. And still is not in my list of ringtones….  Not interested in being a constant commercial for Verizon Wireless,,,,especially since I had to pay for the ringtone. Advice? 




              Also, my phone does not show Date & Time in File info on photos taken. Only Date…  Can this be fixed??




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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hskfns, I understand why you wouldn't want to be a walking advertisement! First, have you checked your Music app to see if the ringtone was saved there? Otherwise it may be saved in another Media folder. Check the Files application and look thru all folders.

                For the announcement, go to Settings, Sound, and uncheck Roaming tone. This announcement is letting you know that you're in a VZW coverage area before answering calls.

                Let me know if you need further assistance.

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                  I just figured out how to install a purchased Verizon ringtone. Figured it out by trial and error. Why in the world did Verizon make the steps so lengthy? Anyway, the steps are:

                  (0) Start in the "Home" screen - you can get there using the "Home" control.

                  (1) Select the "Messages" icon.

                  (2) Find a recent message that starts with "Congratulations! You have..." Even though it begins like a Nigerian Lottery scam, do not discard it. Open it, however stupid it may generally be to open a message that begins like that.

                  (3) When a music attachment appears, touch it so it plays, and you can verify that this is what you bought.

                  (4) Go back to the message. There is probably a simple way to do that, but you can just press the "Home" icon and go through steps 0-2 again.

                  (5) Now give a Long press to the music attachment icon in the message. Now you see some options.

                  (6) But there is No "Set Ringtone" option, even though the message congratulates you on having bought one. Do not give up.

                  (7) Press "Save."

                  (8) Repeat step 0.

                  (9) Select the "Apps" icon.

                  (10) Select "Music."

                  (11) Scroll until you find the ringtone that the message in step (2) congratulated you for buying.

                  (12) Press the "..." icon to get a menu of options for the ringtone.

                  (13) Select "Set as ringtone." Do Not despair when, instead of the expected "OK," you see yet another menu.

                  (14) From the menu that came up in step (13,) select "Phone ringtone."

                  (15) Read the message. It should say that you set a new ringtone.

                  (16) Slide your finger from the top of the cell phone.

                  (17) Select "Settings."

                  (18) Select "Sound."

                  (19) Select "Phone ringtone"

                  (20) Scroll to the One.

                  (21) Verify the the icon next to it shows a Green Light.

                  (22) Touch the item with the green light to play it. If you are lucky it is the right ringtone.

                  (23) Done!