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    Activation Fee's


      I recently transferred from another carrier and bought my phone over the internet... It said "Free Activation". I received my first bill and the activation fee is still on there. I called customer service and got the run around... told i had to chat online with a rep they were the only ones who could wave this fee.... just got done talking to them.... they say no one online can wave the fee... called on the phone.... no help... Does anyone have a helpful answer as to what I can do?

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          Which website did you buy the phone through on the Internet? 

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            On the verizon website

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              Do you have the email confirmation showing that you should have gotten the activation fee waived?  Sometimes on weekends they used to waive the fee.  If you didn't purchase the phone during that time then the activation fee could apply.  For example, the fee could waived on Sunday, but you purchased on Monday then you would be charged the fee.

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                It doesn't say anything about waiving the fee which is why I asked the live chat person… they told me it would come off my bill later…. well that's not true. I left my previous carrier for a few reasons one being that I could switch and not pay activation fees. I am not sure how to proceed from here.



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                  It can take 2 or 3 bill cycles before you get credit for the activation fee.

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                    I got the same run around. Purchased three phones and was told told the activation fee was waived for Black Friday sales. I also have in writing from the online chat rep that I would receive employee discounts and military discounts. She quoted me my total bill amount monthly. I told her the invoice did not match up and she guaranteed Verizon would take care of it. guess what? I was billed for three activations, and my monthly bill is way higher than promised. I spoke to customer service and basically they told me the rep was wrong and they were sorry but they would not honor what she quoted, even though I have it in writing. Verizon in my opinion is a rip off. I will be contacting corporate and the Better Business Bureau with my documents from the sales rep. My first bill came in at over $400.00!!

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                      Please let me know if you have any luck. My first bill for two phones with activation was 300! I came from TMobile which worked well for me on the west coast but now that I am in the Midwest I had horrible coverage so I switched. I am very sorry...TMobile never treated it's customers like this!

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                        I am having the same issue now with 3 phones...I was told that the activation fee would be credited...was not on initial voucher...when I questioned, was told it would be credited on bill later.


                        I waited till due date of second bill to pay...talked with Eric, very nice service rep, but he said I agreed to the terms ...nothing in "notes"... nothing could be done..no process to appeal!!


                        So now I have changed from Sprint (15 year customer)...which except for actual phone signal in my area and data speed....seemed to care about customer service (at least they apologized for deteriorating signal in my area..(gave free RAVES)...


                        To Verizon who says one thing by representatives that sell, and don't follow through with what customers are told...not a good start Verizon!!!! Tell me I am a liar....not cool!!!!!


                        From reading this thread...doesn't seem like I am the only one "lying" to Verizon about what I was told.


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                          please. If Sprint was so awesome why did you leave?

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