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    Deleting email accounts on a Droid Razr M


      I checked and done a search on this topic, hoping I wouldn't have to post. However, it seems that the Droid Razr M and/or Jelly Bean makes it different. No matter where I go or how I do it, I can not find a "delete account" button. I can delete an account easily on my old Droid X, my LG Spectrum and my Droid Razr Maxx. I can not do it on the Razr M. It was working good the first few days I had it. Then I started to get "account out of synch, or something like that"' It asks me to double check my account. I go in, put in my password. no luck. I even did a factory reset. It worked great for about 3 or 4 days after the reset, than went sour again. I don't know about the Razr M and/or Jelly Bean. I have had nothing but problems with this phone. It may also be the OS, or maybe even both.

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