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    Why doesn't my Droid 2 touchscreen respond, even after factory reset?


      Two nights ago my Droid 2 was fine. Overnight, the battery unexpectedly ran out and the phone powered down. Once I turned it back on, the touchscreen no longer responded. Also, the phone sometimes randomly selects things as though someone were using the touchscreen. It even called my dad!  Initially, the phone showed the wrong time and date, but that corrected itself after about 24 hours. I've taken the battery out many times, tried turning it on in Safe Mode (can get into Safe Mode but still can't select anything using the touchscreen) and finally ran a factory reset three times. Now stuck on the Welcome screen because the touchscreen still doesn't work. Any ideas? I've read several threads about this issue already and apologize for bringing up the issue again; just wondering if there are any additional suggestions out there.


      Very appreciative of your time,