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    How to keep my unlimited data




      I have seen similar thread at https://community.verizonwireless.com/thread/780799 but I just have some clarifying questions.


      Situation: I have a family plan (not share everything). I have 2 smartphone lines with unlimited data. 2 feature phones with no data. I want to upgrade 1 smartphone line while keeping the unlimited data.


      In order to keep the unlimited data, it seems possible to:

      1. Use the feature phone line to get iPhone 5 with $30/month 2gb data.

      2. Once I receive the phone, can I directly activate on the smartphone line and keep the unlimited data?


      2. Once receiving the phone, I need to activate on the feature phone first. Then reactivate the old feature phone back, and Then re-activate the iPhone5 on the smartphone line?


      Can all these be achieved on line? with access to the feature phone on hand to re-activate?




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          yeah you can do that once you upgrade the basic phone to iphone 5 with a tier data plan, switch the phone with unlimited data to iphone 5. it's best to do this at a verizon store.

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            Just got this to work. Posting my steps here for reference. Happy Switching.


            Quick summary: use feature phone line to get subsidized iPhone5. use iPhone5 on smartphone line to keep unlimited data.


            Note: feature phone line does not have any data, just has 9.99 line access fee.

            1. Use the feature phone line that has upgrade available to order an iPhone5.

            2. Received iPhone5. Turn off the feature phone. Activate on the feature line. Takes about 10 minutes.

            3. Turn off iPhone3. Login into verizonwireless to re-activate the feature phone back on the feature phone line. Enter the SN underneath the battery. Remove the 30 dollar for 2gb line as part of the activation. Feature phone now works as normal.

            4. Go into the verizon store saying that I want to activate an used iPhone5 on an existing smartphone line. Need a new nano sim card (free of charge from verizon store) since used iPhone5 has one locked. Service rep takes about 20 minutes for the process. Confirmed that it will keep the unlimited data.


            Hope this helps.