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    LG Lucid not charging?


      I have an LG Lucid. It is almost one year old. Here lately, I plug it into the charger at night with about 50% charge and I wake up with like 12%. Tonight, however, I have it plugged into the charger and the charging icon is on but it seems like it is de-charging my battery. It continues to drop instead of charge. What should I do?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          cheergirl13, let's work on ensuring your LG Lucid maintains a normal charge!  When did this problem start?  Are you using the original battery and wall charger that came with your device?  Lastly, have you tried removing and reinserting the battery?  And have you tried the charger in a different wall outlet?  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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            sorry to jump on an old post but i cant get help any where else. I have the same problem, and im pretty tired of verizon and now I dont know what to so this is my last hope. I have the same issue which started 2 days ago completely came out of no where. I have the same phone Lucid LG Its relatively new.


            One night it was low on battery so i put it in the charger and went to bed, when i woke up it was at 8%. The original charger was "****," not my words but one of the clerks who worked at the verizon store, so i got the a new one about a month ago from a different verizon store where the clerk told me its the best one for my phone, it has worked well, i have tried different outlets but the phone still can not hold a charge. I have used my car charger because for some reason that charges my phone faster then its battery drains, HOWEVER, even after being OFF the whole time while it charged in the car probably for an hour on the road i turned it on to see the battery life which was 50% so i shut it off and kept it in my pocket until i had to use it, being off and unused for an hour its life was back down to 14%. I turned it back off after making one call and then drove home keeping it off and charging for an hour and then when at home I immediately put it into the wall charger with out turning it on. 3 hours later of it on the charger it was completely dead. the battery life is going down faster then the charge rate EVEN WHEN IT IS OFF. unplugging the charger and plugging it back into the wall and the phone makes the phone blink and show the charging animation. after a while i checked to make sure it was charging and it was at 4% i turned it off and put it down before leaving the phone again i made sure it was still charging, it was. looking at it now its off and completely void of any battery life. The phone does not hold any charge at all and absolutely nothing has happened to the phone or charger to make it like this.


            I have tried looking for answers and asking help and most of the time im told send it to verizon they'll fix it for $300 (because i have a mark on the plastic case) this is insane. there is clearly something wrong with manufacturing of the phone and why do i have to suffer and pay an outrageous fee because these things are built shoddy. im beyond frustrated and outraged please respond.

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              LG Lucid has poor battery life. All the tips say to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth  & GPS... what's the point of having this phone if you can't use the  features without draining the battery in less than 8 hours? Oh, you can  buy a bigger battery, but again that defeats one of the good selling  points of the phone. Sorry to say, but it's time to lose the LG and get a different phone

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                Lucid was horrible for me with that same situation It also cuts itself off  or mutes itself. Lastly now it does not send me many of my calls or when it does it will drop the call for no reason. It did it on the phone with tech support twice the other day. Because I did pay for lowest of insurance they have sent me 3 LGs (had I kept the top tier of insurance I would have had the option to get another type phone) but since I have lowest tier I gotten a Preowned LG again but they finally gave me the lucid2 which has pretty good ratings so I pray it will work out. I also had the battery not last from 8 till 4 pm without needing charged and that is with me texting maybe 3 times
                Good Luck

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Dear NoKingSoSnoGuy,

                  Good morning. I understand the importance of being able to use all the features on your phone, without draining your battery so fast. It would be my pleasure to address your battery concerns.

                  When advised to keep wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS off, we don't expect for you to never use it. It's only suggested to keep these features off when you are not using them. Especially GPS, if you are not using GPS and you keep it turned on, the GPS is always trying to locate you to provide you with directions. This drains your battery pretty quickly. The LG Lucid 2 also offers a battery saver mode. To turn your phone on battery saver from the main scree tap on menu>settings>battery>swipe battery saver on.

                  If the above does not work, please feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy to further assist in troubleshooting. Have a great day!

                  Thank You,
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                    This is crazy because almost the exact same thimg is happening to me.  I will have had my Lucid for one year in July.  2 weeks ago it SUDDENLY started using battery power like crazy.  It is 100% charged at 9am, down to around 7-9% by 4:30pm.  I ONLY send a few texts during the day - no surfing, no gps, nothing.  I tried a new battery and a "like new" replacement - neither helped.    So now I'm stuck bringing a charger to work every day to make sure I don't lose my only means of communication!  Can't help but to wonder if it's made that way  - 1 year of contract up, oops phone goes bad, have to get new one, hello new 2 year contract.

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      This is a great concern. Let's tackle the issue in order for us to get a resolution.
                      When you charge it, does it charge normally? I ask that because you have already had a battery and a replacement device. I just want to ensure the charger is good.
                      If you use the tips to extend battery life (http://bit.ly/RwNFO4) does it help with the life of the battery?

                      Tamara H.
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                        I just started having this problem in the past week.  I've checked all the things the previous "Verizon Wireless Customer Support" personnel have suggested.  I have had the Lucid 2 since the beginning of this year.  I have the original battery and use the original charger.  I also have additional chargers that I've used and used in various wall outlets, my car charger, etc.  I haven't added any new applications to my phone in the last two weeks that might cause such a huge drain.  Battery saver mode is on.


                        Within five hours this morning my phone went from 100% to 30% charged, and that's with it just sitting on my desk and not even playing with it.  I've got it charging right now before it's even lunch.    Before this I could at least go all day until I went to charge it at bedtime, and for the most part it would never get below 30% even then.  Something is definitely wrong with the battery itself.  I've now turned the GPS off per one of the suggestions, but again, it never drained my battery like this before when it was on.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi troublewithtrisha,

                          Thanks for the details! Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Has you phone been exposed to any physical/water damage? Has your device been receiving a constant signal? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

                          Thanks for your contribution to our community forums,


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