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    Connect Droid Razr HD to PC


      I just got a Motorola Droid Razr HD Maxx and also a Motorola Droid Razr M.  I'm trying to connect them to my PC with operating system Win 7 64 bit.  Used the provided USB cord.  Nothing happens with either of them.  The PC is not recognizing them as drives.  How do I transfer pictures, music from my PC to my 2 phones?  Tried it on 2 computers with the same operating system.  Nothing.  Are there some settings on the phones?  Do I download some driver for my PC?  Also, how do I copy contact lists from 1 phone to the other.  Thanks

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          Forgot to mention that they are both updated to jelly bean.

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            Someone sent me instructions but they did not work.  Step 1 said connect the USB Cable, which I did


            Step 2 said to download the drivers, which I did.


            Step 3 said to go to notifications  and there was supposed to be a message "Connected as a media device"  but it was not there.  Now what?

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              Yes those were the ones.


              I did not get a notification.  I did Do Apps>settings>storage>Menu>USB Connection and I chose Media Device.


              At this point, step 6, it says that the phone should show up under "computer" as a connected drive, but it does not.  I was reading on the blogs that some people are having a problem with the new jellybean update.  Since I just got this phone and never tried it from the previous ice cream sandwich, I don't know if maybe these instructions used to work and now they don't.  Any help would be appreciated.  I suspect if I went to a Verizon store and asked for help they would tell me to get lost if I wasn't buying another phone.

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                I don't know what to tell you except search the forums for other discussions on connecting to a Win 7 PC and see if any of the solutions will work for you.  The only other thing is I have a RAZR M running Jelly Bean with USB Debugging turned on, but I don't see how that would matter.

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                  Thank you Breezex for your help.  Are you saying that you have a Razr M with Win 7 on your computer and are having no problems connecting them together?  If so, that tells me that it is not a general problem and something is goofy with my set up.  How do you turn on USB debugging?  Maybe that is the answer.

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                    Yes, I have a RAZR M and Windows 7, no problems connecting and transferring/deleting files.  My wife has a Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean and no problems there either.


                    Settings > Developer options > USB debugging (make sure it is checked)


                    Did you get to this link from the previous instructions?


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                      Oh, this is interesting.  I took my phone to the verizon store and the guy hooked into their computer with no problem, so I had the right settings on the phone.  I took my phone home and --nothing.  I had purchased a spare usb charging cable and just for grins, I turned on the phone with the new usb cable attached and plugged it into the computer and BINGO!  It did everything it was supposed to do.  The cable that came with the phone was defective!


                      Once the Razr M  (or the Razr HD Maxx) shows up as a storage device it was pretty easy to drag and drop pictures from the PC to the phone.  They showed right up in the gallery.  I also dragged some music to the phone and a subfolder appeared under the phone called "internal storage".  Can't find the music on the phone.  Where did it go, and how do I play it?

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                        We overlooked the simplest explanation!  Glad you got it working.


                        If you click on the device that shows up (in my case XT907), do you get two storage areas; Internal Storage and SD Card.  Click on Internal storage and see if you can find your music.  I put music on the external SD card in a folder named Music to conserve my Internal memory.  If Music does not exist then create it.

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