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    Cell service outages


      Hi! New in the "neighborhood".  Experienced no phone service available early this morning; had similar outage early Thursday as well.  Stopped in today to my local dealer and the rep there had no idea as to why but I apparantly was not the only one he had encountered with this problem.  Decided to "eat crow" and put a back-up line with the local phone company for emergency purposes.  Anyone else in the Quad City (Illinois) region experience this?

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          I am in Wisconsin, near the boarder with MN at Stillwater.  I am having the same problem, it appears I got a call from someone at 3am this morning (phone did not ring).   They left a message but when I called the voicemail number all I am getting is "service unavailable".   I tried several times, finally tried just calling back on the caller ID number but same problem, the connection strength bars keep cycling from 3 bars to 0.