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    How do I play music via USB to a car stereo?


      I have a Sony CDX-GT56UI car stereo. It has a USB port, through which it indexes and plays music from iPods and some other devices, including an older Android phone. But not from my HTC Incredible 2. It consistently reports "USB: no support" when I plug it in.

      The Sony specs say: "This unit is compliant with MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) type USB devices compliant with the USB standard."

      How do I put my phone in the correct mode (Disk drive? Media sync?) for the Sony unit to find the music on my SD card? Is this even possible? If not, why not?

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          You can change the default USB connection type in the settings. You can also access it from the notification bar when you plug in the phone to the USB port.

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            Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't give me what I'm really after.  That's my fault: I should have more clearly described what I've tried  and what the real question was.


            I know how to set the USB connection type. The problem is that neither of the two settings I've tried, Disk Drive and Media Sync, works. I was hoping to find out more about how to match the stereo's requirements for MSC or MTP support, whether there's something tricky about how the SD card is mounted, or what else could be causing the radio to fail to recognize the phone's music storage. I can find my way around unix/linux-style file systems (like Android's), but don't know enough about MTP and how to figure out Gingerbread's and HTC's support for that protocol. Or how to diagnose/debug what's going on when the radio tries to connect.