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    Why is my usage showing so high when I canceled my account?


      Yes I will tell you why - IMPORTANT READ THIS WHOLE DOCUMENT.  I called Verizon to find out how much it would be to cancel my contract ahead of time as I was going to be changing to DSL, as I currently was using one of their little slow data devices that runs at less than a 1mb a sec download speed for $80 a month,  and now that DSL was available in my neighborhood it was only $43 dollars a month for 6mb a sec download,  not only a significant increase in speed but also a savings of half in cost, as we were always going over our 10g limit by a few mbs each month.  So basically we used about 11gs a month,  theirby paying $90 for service.    So I called and told this person I was going to get DSL in a couple weeks,  how much is it going to cost me to cancel my contract early.  He told me and I was satisfied that it wasn't too much,  and I said I will call back when I am ready.   Ok,  here's where it gets interersting.   I called and canceled my service with VERIZON 3 days into my new billing cycle.  They turned the device off that day, and I unplugged it and everything.  That day my DSL was up and running fine.  Then when I get my bill,  expecting only to be billed for the monthly service and the early disconnect fee -  I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED to find that somehow 16 GIG of data was supposedly downloaded through my little slow device during those 3 days of that billing cycle.  I called them immediately and told them this has to be a mistake the device I have it isn't possible to download that much data in 3 days.  They won't budge.  I owe it.  So after all this time with verizon,  about 3 and 1/2 years using 11g a month a paying for it with no problem,  the moment I decide to leave I suddenly am able to download 16g in 3 days?  If the dang thing worked that well I probably never would have even looked for another internet option!!!  As I try to explain that it is physically impossible, and they won't budge,  I suddenly realize what has happened.  I've been SPOOFED.  Someone at Verizon,  when I called the first time telling them I would be canceling in a few days,  spoofed my account (as they have the equipment and know how to do it.  Being a former computer network engineer I have the know how but not the equipment as I am now retired and on pension.)  Yes so someone who worked at Verizon spoofed my account, knowing I was leaving...  got some free internet usage on my dime...   BEWARE EVERYONE WHO USES VERIZON  This could happen to you. I intend to spread my suspicions of this until someone at verizon decides to wave those extra 6g as it's not possible for the device I had to download that much in only 3 days.  

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          It may not be 16GB but the cost will be as if it was that much because your data amount would be prorated for those three days.


          Say your contract was for 10GB for 30 days. That would allow you to only use a little less than a GB total in those 3 days before overages would have occurred.


          Also, since you cancelled before the prior months bill was generated, they may have added the 3 days of use to the prior month.

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            what are you talking about.  you obviously did not understand what I wrote above.  my bill clearly stated that I used 16g in 3 days.  so unless you are a verizon person trying to make the company look perfect why are you even making such a ridiculous statement as if I'm too dumb to read my own bill.  as I clearly stated above I'm a retired computer network engineer, my last big project was designing the network for Comerica Park for the Detroit Tigers.  So I have a clue. 

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              Thanks for berating someone offering ideas.  You asked for suggestions, I offered. This is a customer to customer forum. We can't see your bill so we aren't sure exactly how it reads. We base our responses on what is offered. Sorry for wasting your valuable time.


              Also paragraphing makes reading THE WHOLE Document, much easier for us lowly non computer network engineers.


              Good luck with your issue.

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                dude,  you're reply didn't make any sense.  sorry for my document not having paragraph breaks but when i was typing it in it wouldn't let me make them.  and as I read your reply again,  it still doesn't make sense.  I was bill for 3 days of usage, and it clearly stated that I used 16g in those three days.  my contract was for 10g a month.  even if they were prorating it for only  3 days worth of usage,  that still would not add up to 16g if I went over the prorated amount. 16g is 16g no matter if they are prorating my bill or not.  Sorry if I snapped at you but I just figured you were a verizon person trying to make me look dumb.

                So my 10g a month contract was 80 bucks a month, with 10bucks for each 1g over that.  that makes $140 for 3 days of being online plus the early cancelation fee. That is what they are billing me for. Don't mind paying the early cancelation fee, or even the full month of usage if they don't want to prorate. But my device is simply not capable of such speeds so I have been spoofed or my bill is a complete utter falsehood. Again this is not letting me break into paragraphs sorry for that.  I put up this message to warn others that verizon plays tricks and may steal your money.  I now have DSL 150g a month at $40. Everything is peachy at my house.  Have a Merry Christmas.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hey there skymage,

                  I am very sorry to hear that you had a bit of a shock on your last bill. I am also very shocked to hear about your thoughts on our employees conduct on your account! Honestly, your security is very important to us, and I am certain that our employees would not do such a thing.

                  In order to use data on your device, the device does need to be in that person's possession or at least they do need to be within proximity of it AND have the password. Was you device password protected? Is it possible that someone else had connected to it while it was waiting to be canceled, possibly a neighbor or family member? Have you ever called in to have this investigated at all? There is no way that we could have used the information from your account to use data on behalf of your account. I would be happy to look into your account to see what could be done. We take the security of our customers very seriously. Please let us know if you would like to proceed further.


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                    Hello!  Oh I would love to have this investigated, but was told that it could not be investigated because I using a small data device and they would have to have the device to look through it...  I actually no longer have the device.  I did have it set to log incoming or outgoing.  But this is the problem. The device was only active for 3 days in that billing cycle.  The device was of course protected with WEP  and we only had one computer on our small in house network.  But the device we had did not allow data to flow through it at such a speed.  I was told that 1gig of data had gone thru it on the 2nd at 8:48.  That is just simply not possible.  IMPOSSIBLE.  While we went over a little in the month, it's just not possible for that device to transfer that much data in 3 days.  No matter how much I tried to explain this to the ppl I was talking to when I ended my contract, they were simply not interested in helping me and so you can surely understand my position.  I used to work as a network engineer before I retired and it is very easy to spoof someone's IP address and get myself some free downloads when I know that person is leaving Verizon because they called me ahead of time and asked how much my cancelation fee would be.  And I swear I do not owe this money.  My son was not home during the 3 days and he is the biggest user in the house. the device doesn't handle data that quickly. No one would investigate.  If you would investiage and look into those devices and take note of their top speed and compare to my records you should be able to see something is not right and gladly refund my money.  PLEASE PLEASE figure this out I am retired on disability an can't afford this $60 when all your ppl were so rude they wouldn't even talk about this YOU JUST HAVE TO PAY.  Hence my long and rude blog remark hoping to get attention.  Thank you if you respond. 


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                      I don't know if they are targeting individuals or ripping everyone off at the same time.  You will have some unexplainable surge in data, hundreds of dollars worth, and it will not stop even if you turn off your device.  They will blame it on you.  I have dumped them for good.  I was lucky that I was at the end of most contracts.  They are not honest. If it has not happened to you, they will get to you.