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    Whats going on!!!


      Well, my update to ICS went fine.  All seemed fine until today when I logged on to my google maps app. I located the place I wanted to navigate to and when I got to navigation I was faced with having to pay verizon  two dollars a month if I wanted to go any further and have it give me my turn by turn instructions.  Prior to the update to ICS I could use the google provided by Droid to navigate where I wanted to go. Now I have Verizon intervening and wanting to charge for a service that is internet free????  Am I just doing it wrong?  Would like some feedback.  My data plan is 4gb of data so I believe it should be covered.  Verizon you can answer it too if you like. I would like to hear YOUR answer.

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          It sounds like the VZW navigator was somehow set as the default. This is what I would suggest. Go to settings > apps >slide over to the all tab > scroll down to the application. Select it > uninstall any updates > then disable the application. This is force the phone to use the Google Navigation application and hide the VZW Navigator from the app drawer and keep it from being used.