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    How stupid is Verizon Wireless?


      I have 4 phone with Verizon Wireless -- 3 smart, 1 not.  I want to upgrade the not-smart phone to a smart phone.  I am eligilbe for an upgrade on December 22nd.  If I go to Best Buy, I can upgrade my phone up to 7 days before the 22nd, so now.  Unfortunately, Best Buy does not have the phone I want in stock.  So, I call Verizon Wireless.  Verizon said they might be able to upgrade my phone now, if they get MANAGER permission.  Well guess what happened...  Verizon Wireless said they won't upgrade, or more specifically, the MANAGER won't give permission to upgrade my phone early.  If I want to upgrade earlier, I need to go to Best Buy.  I asked to speak to a MANAGER and they were all busy.  Seriously????  Customer Service means nothing anymore to Verizon Wireless and I guess they have toooo much money right now that they don't want to make anymore since they are out the price of the phone and the starting of the data plan that much sooner.  Maybe the better question is how stupid am I for staying with Verizon Wireless...