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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Wifi Problems


      I haven't been able to connect to my home wifi (I have Comcast) on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I 've reset my router and reconnected all my devices and still wasn't able to connect no matter what. Every time I attempt to connect it states that the password isn't correct even though I connected two other devices using the same password. I understand there isn't anything wrong with my router or wifi so why isn't my phone recognizing the correct password- as the correct password?

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          The first thing I would do is turn off your WiFi security. If your note 2 connects to your WiFi then you can be pretty sure it is something in either the password or the type of security you are using. You did not say. My guess is that it is a security password problem and not a phone problem. try changing the password and the type of security you are using.



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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Galaxynotequestions, wifi is a great feature to have and I want to make sure yours is working well. Have you tried any other wifi networks? As adlerrot1 suggested, this could possibly be related to the security settings. Do you know which security type your router is set to? The most common and secure is WPA 2 (AES). Try changing security types. If you're not able to connect to any wifi networks, please boot your phone into safe mode and try again http://bit.ly/XKZYrI. If working in safe mode, a 3rd party app may be causing the issue. Remove recently installed apps. If still not working in safe mode, a factory reset will be needed. http://bit.ly/ZE2yW5

            Let me know if you need further assistance.

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              Glad to know that I am not the only one with the issue. I have a Nexus 10 next to my Note 2 and it connects to my home wifi just fine.


              Also to note that on public access WIFIs (Starbucks, McDonald's), it connects to the hot spot but does not transmit data. I doubt Starbucks throttles down the access where it can't even load Google's home page.


              Still the same in Safe mode, btw.

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                As of yesterday my phone the galaxy note 2 will not connect to my home wifi either. I keep getting authentication error and it says invalid password...I have tried everything. My moms Droid is fine as well as our computer connections. I am extremely irritated because this phone was way too much to be having connectivity problems 3 weeks later.

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                  Factory reset did nothing as well. I've eaten up over half of my 4g data limit because I have been doing factory resets and downloading my content since I got this device at launch. I know it's hit and miss, as my colleague with a AT&T Note 2 is working just fine.

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                    When I saw this I figured I had to respond. I have the Note 2 on Sprint (oooooh). I did notice a weirdness in entering passwords even though I know my passwords. Try making sure you enter the password but do not hit the enter (arrow, done, or the GO button on the keyboard) just hit back to close the keyboard then tap connect.

                    Basically I noticed when hitting GO, enter key, or done at times some strange reason passwords won't enter correctly. Another solution I guess would be trying another keyboard. Try it out...


                    Also replying on this site from the note using firefox is very annoying. Typing in the reply box the end of line return is like moving the last word down but you still see the first few letters of the word on th line above it. I have to place the cursor back always to delete them. That and the cursor jumps to the top at times.

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                      Another note: Have you tried connecting it to other wifi spots?

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                        After upgrading to 4.1.2, my Galaxy Note 2 refuses to connect to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi routers, unless I am within 1-2 feet away from the router. Connection to 5GHz band is a bit better.


                        I am getting "Authentication error" if the distance from the router is more than 2ft. Nearby routers that used to work fine, are now "out of range".


                        I changed the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" to "Never" and rebooted, as suggested on Samsung's site. It did not help.


                        This problem is well documented on the Internet. The bug is effecting any GN2 on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and internationally.


                        I found this "fix" (for Verizon GN2):

                        Dial *#22745927 to enable hidden menu...press back...then dial *#197328640#  press MENU, select Wi-Fi and disable "wi-fi power save".

                        However, it did not solve the Wi-Fi problem. 


                        Samsung support is "unaware of the problem". They suggest hard-reset, but many people reported that it does not fix the problem. (hard reset is a pain, because all data, apps, login to apps and their settings, etc. are lost).


                        HELP!   What should I do?   Is there a workaround or a patch until next software update fixes it?

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hi Panawiz,

                          That's not good! Software sometimes can be corrupted on a device. I would recommend a Hard Reset  http://vz.to/ZE2yW6 to repair the corrupted software. I know this is a pain, however it is the best course of action to correct this. Have a great day!

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