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    Roaming while connected to Network Extender


      I've had my SCS-2U01 Network Extender for about 6 months now, and up until 2 days ago, I couldn't be happier with it.  Now when my phone (Droid RAZR) is connected to it, it shows that I'm roaming.  I called VZW and they assured that I wasn't being charged any extra for this, which is super, it satisfied me for the moment.  But, since the call, I discovered one downfall of roaming on the RAZR....MMS messages won't download.  I've gone into the phone's settings and set it to allow data and everything while I'm roaming, but it still seems to hiccup, and it's pretty frustrating.


      I've done hard resets on my phone, I've rebooted the network extender like I saw suggested in another forum....and nothing seems to be fixing the problem.  Our area did switch to 4G a few months ago, would this have anything to do with it?  I tried switching the phone's radio settings to "CDMA auto (PRL)" and "CDMA only" so it would ignore the very poor 4G signal...but it still roams.  Does anybody have any ideas how to get it to stop making me roam, and just work like it had up until 2 days ago?


      Thanks in advance!


      Message was edited by: Bob U I just called Verizon again.  This time I made an emphasis that I can't send/receive data or picture messages and that I had to walk away from my house to get signal from an actual tower, to get them to send/receive.  I even went into my settings on my phone and enabled data while roaming.  They tried everything they could to get it to work, updated my PRL and what-not...and in the end, they ended up opening a trouble ticket for their network people to fix. They said to have everybody that's having this same problem call them, so be sure to call!  To get their attention a little bit better, you might want to emphasize your inability to send/receive data while your phone is roaming. Good luck!

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          I've had mine over a year and have just recently (in the past day or two) also noticed that all phones connected to it say roaming. You are not alone! My assumption is that it's just a stupid bug/error on their end and that it might get fixed this coming week.

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            It sure would be nice if that would happen…although they didn’t seem too concerned when I called, she told me that they did an update to the network extenders, and that the only issue they saw was that people were having problems getting their network extenders to connect after they powered them off, so she said wait a day until I tried to reboot mine.  Then she kindly asked if there was anything else she could help me with…….  And here I am!

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              I too am having the same issue with my Network Extender.  I am not sure whether I should call or not.  Will I get charged for roaming if I don't call? Sure wish they would fix this!!

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                I'm not sure... I can imagine each plan is different, so I'm not sure if yours would charge for roaming.  I know back in the day roaming was a huge deal...and it was very expensive!  But...now they seem to have shrugged it off when i called to ask about it, which didn't bother me until I came upon this data deal with my RAZR (even though i have it enabled while roaming, sometimes it just won't work).  Even if your plan covers it, you should still call.  It will make them know that it's a pain in the butt, and maybe put a little pressure on them to have it fixed in a timely manner, if they plan on fixing it at all.

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                  I had the same problem appear suddenly a couple of days ago after my SYS light started blinking and I rebooted the device. I have now rebooted the extender, router, switch, cable modem, all the phones, and contacted customer support. The answer from VZW is, "wow, this is a problem I haven't heard about before, but don't worry about it, you won't get charged for roaming." Well, I am worried about it since I live and travel a lot near Canada and if I turn my phones on to data and voice roaming, I'm going to eventually get hit with the bill. If VZW broke it (which they did, since about the same time a bunch of posts came up about this problem, and if they'd just look at their own forums, they'd see that this is a problem), then they need to admit the problem and then just fix it. Why is it I have to constantly be troubleshooting their network and devices?

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                    No change to my service or the Network Extender yet, I have tried restarting my internet/router as well as keeping the NE off for around 10 minutes - no change with anything I do. I haven't gotten around to calling Verizon about it yet, but I think it's pretty ridiculous that they put out an update that pretty much defeats one of the purposes of the network extender in the first place (at least as far as data/3g goes). Do they even bother to test the software in these things before sending them out? Things like this have happened like a dozen times in the past year, it doesn't exactly speak strongly for their ability to test the new updates.

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                      I just got off the phone with Verizon, they pushed an updated PRL to my phone (version 14013) and that fixed the problem! It took about 10 minutes of me surfing the web after the push for it to kick up to 3g and then a few minutes after that the roaming indicator went away...  So be sure to call and have them send you the new PRL.

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                        Translation of "pushed an updated PRL to my phone" to English, please.

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                          Push - they send it to your phone.

                          Updated - latest and greatest.

                          PRL- preferred roaming list (which towers Verizon says your phone is allowed to talk to).

                          My - mine, not yours.

                          Phone - what you want to work.


                          If you call and say those magic words you can expect results.

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