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    being charged for retuned device


      I have been charged for a returned device. Not sure who to talk with regarding this problem. So far I have spoke with 3 departments and they all have no way of helping me get the charges dismissed.

      After receiving my 3rd Galaxy Nexus which had a problem dropping calls and the charging port was defected also. I returned to Verizon and they are charging me $299.00 for water damage in the phone port. Prior to this problem they were charging me for full retail price of a phone GNex phone I returned they said they had no record of receiving the device. Mind you I spent numerous hours on the phone because the 1st Gnex was not holding calls from the 1st day. A week later they told me it was tower signal issue in my area. I stated my last phone worked everyday, but they said it will get better soon. After my 14 day warranty expired I tried to return the device for full value that I payed. That wasn't happening so I was sent another defected device with the same problem. I was then told there is an update coming soon in the next 2 to 3 months that will fix the problem. Kept getting the run around, and luckily since I am home out of work I was able to spend a ridiculous useless amount of time doing the same simple troubleshooting steps  on the phone with customer. Finally I spoke with someone in the tech department who told me there were 2 batches made for Gnex phones. One in Korea and the other in China I believe, and he told me one of the countries produced a bad batch and believes I am getting a phone from the bad batch. Now I return the third phone and they upgrade me to Galaxy S3 as long as I buy my own battery. So i did and now I am being charged for water damages in the port of the last return defected device. Wow and who can I copy and paste this message to because I spent way too many hours dealing with issues with customer service. I am sick and thinking I may have worked 40 hours trying to solve unnecessary charges.