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    Phone is stuck in 3G


      I do not know what has happeed but my phone seems to have forgotten that it had 4G.  When I look at the system settings under Network type iy only shows 1x and 3G...  I can get 3-5 bars of 3G just about any where and I used to have decent 4G coverage everywhere but for the last week at least it has been in 3G all the time.  I have rebooted several times already with no changes.


      Suggestions?  Thanks

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          I have the same problem... I looked into the phone info page

          by dialing


          and found that the phone has set itself into

          CDMA auto (PRL)


          there is a setting for


          set it there..

          and then it goe4s into 

          NO DATA - and White Bars for phone

          Reboot and the phone info returns to

          CDMA auto (PRL)


          Sure looks like a bug in ICS to me.. and lots of people are experiencing this.

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            I have the same problem it's either in 3G or 1x hardly ever in 4G and i don't understand why either never had that problem before....

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              I rebooted many times in the process of truing in fix this.  Pulled the battery and cards too...  Finally wound up calling in and they had to reset some settings on Verizon's end.  I am up and running again now.