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    LG Sepctrum VS930


      So i am having a problem with my LG Spectrum... I just got the phone last week and starting to really dislike it. Everytime I try to send a text message the phone loses all service and it won't send. I am unable to send text messages for hours, and then maybe get one or two out at a certain point. This happens constantly all over the place. It this a tower problem or is it a phone problem?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Shadowbnz - That is a rather odd issue, and it definitely should not be happening! It's like it thinks it's on a permanent vacation! Let's start with a few basic things. Have you tried removing the battery and SIM card for about 10 seconds? Once your phone is powered back on, send yourself a text message to test if it is working. Another option I recommend doing is testing your phone in Safe Mode to troubleshoot any apps  :

            • Power Off device
            • Ensure the device is powered down
            • Press the power key (Upper-right corner) to turn the device on.
            • When the 4G LTE logo screen appears, press and hold the menu icon (Lower-left comer)
            • Release the menu key when safe mode is displayed at the lower-left corner
            • To exit Safe Mode, Power Off / On the device

          This way we can test if the issue is caused by a possible app/update.

          Let us know how your phone reacts. We look forward to working with you in order to help resolve this. Thank you Shadowbnz! Take care and have a great weekend.


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            Tried the battery pulling and it didn't work. Also I cant seem to get the phone into safe mode. Could this possibly be a sim card problem?

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              was able to get the phone in safe mode, you actually need to press volume down on the Leg Spectrum 2 at the LG Screen. The phone seemed to operate properly as far as sending messages. I unistalled all the apps and will if that solved the problem.

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                Same device, exact same issue. Running 100% stock, safe mode, no apps downloaded and every other text I try to send or call I try to place causes the network to completely go out for 15-20 seconds.

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                  Did you manage to get your phone fixed? I've got the same problem you listed above. About half the time I try to text or call it kills the network signal dead. If you've still got this going on I bet we're not the only people out there and need to push LG/Verizon for a fix.

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                    Nope, still has not ben fixed. I plan to go to Verizon here soon as I am starting to not receive text messages now too.

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                      I have the same phone, but only occasionally have this type of problem, but in my case it's usually because some stock apps/widgets(like battery save mode, nighttime/quiet time mode settings etc) can turn off some features of the phone when certain conditions are met, like it being a certain time of day/night/day of week or the battery being lower than a certain %, can shut off among other things, your data, which is gonna cause you to be unable to make calls, get/send texts, youll just have zero bars.  And i've noticed this phone doesn't always set the phone back to the way you had it before the conditions were met to change the settings.  Easy fix for me though, i just have on the pulldown screen a kind of widget that gives me abunch of buttons that let me turn on/off things like data, wifi, sync, airplane mode and so on. (edit- Or, you could change the settings for the battery save mode or whatever it ends up being to NOT turn off your data, or disable that app/service altogether and just figure out another way to conserve battery life when it gets low)


                      Don't know if any of that helps you, but in any instance IME with this phone that i couldn't send/recieve anything was because for one reason or another the data/wifi setting were turned off.  Try just giving all your settings/configurables a good once-over, see if maybe something's turning it off.