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    ringback tones


      How do you add ringback tones to an iPhone 5?

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          you have to add them through your MyVerzion account online.  They can't be managed through itunes or your phone.

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            I tried but it isn't working.  It shows my ringback tone that I had with my Droid and I have tried reapplying it if you will and I still get the Verizon symphony.  I also dont see anywhere to purchase more ringback tones like I used to.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              I want you to enjoy the fun of customizing your phone with Ringback Tones banita5641! If you had an existing Ringback Tone on the previous device it should transfer over to the new device. Ann154 is right that they are managed online via your My Verizon account. In addition, Ringback Tones only last one year. Are you still having difficulties assigning the tones via My Verizon? Is it possible the specific tone is expired? Tried adding a different one?



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                I have the same problem and can not see how to add ringback tones on phone nor from my account. It shows as active and the charge is on my account but I cannot see how to buy them!! I have IPhone 5 and it has App Store. I do not have a Media store nor VZW or V Cast.

                Can someone tell me how to get them and if it is at all possible for me IPhone 5, and if it is not possible then why do I have the option on my account????

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                  I have also tried buying ringback tones on myverizon account online only to be told it is not supported on my device.  I only have default ringtones to select from. Help!! I am being charged for ringback tones monthly but cant buy any???

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                    some how i managed to pull up V Cast on my computer and could buy them from

                    there.....then I forget how but I finally got Verizon's Media store on my

                    IPhone and could easily buy ringback tones from there!

                    It doesn't list wallpapers tho so I am stumped on that now......



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                      link to the Media store: