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    Coverage in Madison, WI


      I decided to switch to Verizon in May of 2012.  I purchased the iPhone 4s at the local store and as soon as I got home I tried to make a call and could not hear the person, nor could that person hear me. I continued to have dropped calls and poor service for the rest of that day.  I had a regular phone call coming in from my girlfriend in Afghanistan and it dropped the call.  I had spoken with her everyday on the phone when I had U.S. Cellular and NEVER had a single dropped call.  So I went back to the store and they told me that it was probably the phone, so I agreed to swap out the phone.  That didn't not help at all. I continued to drop calls at work and at home.  Finally they stated they would send out a tech and see if there was 'marginal coverage' where I lived. This never happened and I just got worn out from trying to prove that Madison, WI has horrible service for Verizon Wireless.   I would go as far as calling customer service and having them call me back if there was a dropped call ( to try to prove my point I would just walk inside and sure enough the call would drop, then I would walk back outside and they would call back.)  They never sent a technician or called me back, that was nearly 4.5 months ago.   I started doing phone interviews a couple weeks ago and these are usually 1-2 hours long.  My call would get dropped 4-5 times each call.  EMBARRASSING.   So I went to the Verizon store where they advised me that I need to by a booster which is another $300 so I could use my service that I pay 100+ dollars a month for.  I went straight to U.S. Cellular and transferred my service back.


      Verizon is refusing to waive the cancellation fee of $300.00 because they don't have proof of 'marginal service'.  How is this company still in business?


      (I should have just done a Google search for Verizon Wireless coverage in Madison, WI before switching.  There are about 50 negative reviews to every one positive review.)

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          No company guarantees service everywhere. You have 14 days to decide. Ya went past that point and now you are going to have to bite the bullet and pay the bill or go to collections.


          At my camp ATT is king, VZW non-existent. It is that way in many locations. 

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            I wish that were the case budone, but its not. 1) After they do the initial phone exchange (which they insisted on!) the 14 day term is void because you cannot return the 'refurbished' phone as your new phone.  2) Their coverage MAP shows full coverage in Madison, WI.  Which is clearly not the case since there are other people in this community experiencing similar issues.

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              Their map shows coverage. One of my major gripes is their maps are not contoured to show approximate level of signal.