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    Droid Razr M ringtones


      Okay, problem number 2. I downloaded some music onto the M. With the Droid X and the Droid Razr Maxx, all I had to do was right click on a selection and choose "Make this a Ringtone." No fuss, no muss. Can't seem to be able to do this with the M (does the M stand for Mindboggling?). Anyone out there in etherland know how to select a piece of music for a ringtone, please let me know.



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          I usually use a file explorer app to move or copy the ringtones to the "ringtones" folder.  Then the new tones are automatically added to the selection list.  I noticed my Nexus already had that folder in the in the phone storage space when I went to setup my custom ringtones.

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            For some odd reason, this phone will not let me move a file into a different folder. I tried. Give me back my Droid X. I still have my Razr Maxx and might just use this one on a daily basis. However, the M is superfast. Hmmm!

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              Hallelujah! Thru trial and error and shear stubborness, I finally figured out how to do this. The thing that had me puzzled was that I was looking in and trying the SD card. Wrong! Everything that I wanted, including a Ringtones folder, was located in the Device Storage area. Now I got things working, except for the connection problem.

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                I was starting to wonder if you looking in the wrong area, but I wasn't sure how to word it in my far too tired brain tonight.


                I'm glad you figured it out.

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                  Using your "Files" app, you can create a folder on your SD card called "Ringtones", with it labeled that way, even though it is on your SD card, when you goto select/change a ringtone, the phone will recognize the sounds/mp3's in that folder.

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                    Yeah! Most of the time music, photos, etc. could be found on the SD card. Not on the Razr M. A truly different phone. Here, the music, at least, is in the phone memory. Even some songs I've downloaded are in the phone memory, not the SD card. And here I thought that all the Razr phones acted the same way. Ha! Live and learn.

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                      All my music is in the phone memory, not the SD card. As I told Ann154, this is truly a different Razr. Didn't think that there would be a learning curve having had the Droid X and the Razr Maxx. There is. Back to school. Thanks anyways.