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    Droid razr m connecting to PC


      I've had a Droid X, and a Droid Razr Maxx, never had a problem using the USB to connect them to my computer. Always used "Mass Storage" and could move all types of files around. Now I have the "fabulous" (I'm being facetious) Droid Razr M. I thought it would work the same way. Wrong!. When I hook the two up, I no longer get the "Mass storage". I either get Media or some other useless method. I also read the manual and watched a bunch of worthless videos. If anyone knows how to transfer Excel files from the PC to the Droid Razr M, please let me know.

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          Does it connect at all?  Could it be listed as separate device below the drives?

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            Absolutely nothing happens. No new drive letter. The Motorola Razr M and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which I exchanged, both had these two choices in the Notification Bar when you plugged in..."Medium Exchange" or something to that extent, and the other was photos only. In another similar post to this one, a person gave a plausible explanation, that it is not the phone, but the OP (Jelly Bean) in both cases. He said that they are coming out with an upgrade. Nah! Just checked, I have the OP system he referred to, 4.1, so that's out. I'll keep trying. Thanks for asking Ann154.

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              That's odd. When I plug in my Nexus on a Windows 7 laptop, I get a separate device called "Galaxy Nexus" using the MTP connection.

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                It has been working for me, I use the data cable that is part of the charger, plug into USB port, I pull down the status screen, tap on "Connected as a media device", then check "Camera (PTP)", then i can access my phone files via Windows explorer. You will see  "XT907" as a new drive. This is after my JB update.

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                  Tried that but still do not see a new drive. Think I'll take a trip to Verizon and see if they can figure out what is (not) happening. For all I know, I have a defective phone. Hope not, but it happens. Thanks anyway.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Hello mortb,  Let's get your data transferred the way it should be!  I apologize that I was unable to reach out sooner! Are you using the original cable that came with the Razr M?  Have you had the opportunity to test other cables?  May I ask what operating system you are running on your computer?  I am eager to get to the bottom of this with you!

                    Thank you,

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                      I am using the cable which came with my Razr M. I am using Windows 8. From what I have been told, it is not the phone, it is the OS. Motorola and Google, so I've been told, are aware of these shortcomings and are looking into fixes. The phone itself works great. I would just like to connect the two and move some Excel, Word and Power Point files from my computer to my Razr M.

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                        Do you have another computer running Windows 7 or XP that you can try to connect the phone to and see if it works there?

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                          Ok. yeah, I am failed to mention I am using Windows 7 when it works for me, not tried it on 8 yet. Also, I never installed the drivers it prompts you too when you plug it in the computer with your USB cable, not sure if that makes a difference.

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