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    HTC DNA home wifi no inet access


      all other wireless laptops, iPads, LG Droids can access internet (browser, imap email, google play, netflix) just fine but for some reason the 2 HTC DNAs i just received won't access the internet....local network services (printing, NAS, ftp, security DVR) work fine w/the DNAs....DHCP lease tags look normal....local APs are 2.4GHz G only WPA-AES....tried setting the HTC DNA to 2.4GHz "only" but still no internet access....any suggestions?...tnx

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          update....changed the IP address from DHCP to Static with the same DFG/DNS and was able to access the internet to include local network....this is ok for "home" use, but not very practical for roaming to different corporate networks....tried several home networks and a few corporate networks and the results are about 50/50....about half of each type of network worked with DHCP and the other half required Static....the HTC DNA does receive the appropriate DHCP lease and tags and "sees" local services just fine but no internet access until configuring DNA with static....anyone have any ideas of what's causing this or how to troubleshoot?....thanks

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            Had the same issue out of the box and when I turned it off it went into boot loop. I returned the device and had the same problem with the second one and just returned it and went with the Motorola RmaxxHD. I also tried out the note2 and didn't care for it.

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              i had issues with two DNAs as well. Might opt for a 3rd as some people i know are not having this issue. Could be hardware related. Can't imagine going to a 1GB RAM device. This is a super smooth device compared to other androids devices.   The  change to STATIC didn't work for me. My connection is spotty - sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't.

              There is another thread on this topic.



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                I just got an HTC DNA a couple of days ago. the home WiFi was working until I sent video and still pics to my Sharp TV via DLNA (which is very cool by the way, no need for a USB or HDMI connection). The DNA on WiFi lost connection to the Internet after I was using my HTC DNA to stream the video and pictures to my Sharp TV via my home network DLNA. I went to the Advanced WiFi settings and turned off "DLNA auto-IP"and the WiFi Internet access is working again.

                Apparently the DNA was locking onto the DLNA for an IP address and ignoring the DHCP server in my router. Since I have only had the DNA a few days I don't know if this problem occurs at public WiFi areas, i suspect it could since there is probably a DLNA device connected to most networks.

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                  My DNA could hook to wifi but couldn't be used as a hotspot.  Verizon told me that HTC was aware of the issue and I would just have to deal with it until HTC pushed out a fix for the problem.  So I traded it for a galaxy note 2.  Loved the DNA though other than that.

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                    Tried something and not sure of the logic but it seems to be working so far (last 3-4 days)

                    Settings> Personalize> Scene

                    I changed this from Verizon to HTC Play.


                    The big difference i saw was that it started showing the IP Address on the Wifi> Menu > Advanced option.

                    When this was on the Verizon Scene option, it always said "IP Address unavailable". Now it seems to work on both scenes.


                    I am thinking that maybe there is a default option that was not getting set on the Verizon scene.

                    Maybe this is worth a try to see if it works for others.

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                      Hey All,


                      I think the wifi problem is related to the acore problem happening on the HTC DNAs.  I found that by removing facebook account solves both issues.  Reboot your DNA, then add account again but only sync with your current phone contacts, "sync existing contacts only".  This may help with both the wifi issues and the android.process.acore issue that's been plaguing these droids.

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                        If you haven't solved your problem yet, I put my solution below.  You don't need to return your phone or do a factory reset.  It's a simple procedure.


                        1. Go to the WiFi settings on your phone (by going to Settings and clicking "Wi-Fi") and touch and hold on top of your wireless router's name. 
                        2. When options come up click "Forget Network".
                        3. Now turn off your phone.
                        4. Unplug your router.
                        5. After 30 seconds plug your router back in.
                        6. Turn on your phone.
                        7. Go to the WiFi settings on your phone and hit "Scan".
                        8. Find your router and connect to it.
                        9. This should fix your problem. 
                        10. If for some reason your router does not show up after you hit "Scan" (which is what happened with mine) then go to the "Menu" in the WiFi settings and click "Advanced". 
                        11. After you click "Advanced" click on "Wi-Fi frequency band" and change it from "Auto" to the frequency band of your router.  Most likely that will be 2.4Ghz.  After you do that hit "Scan" again and your router should show up.
                        12. Connect and that should be it! 


                        I did the fix this morning, and I haven't had any problems all day.  Before that I'd constantly have problems with my wifi.  I don't think it's a hardware problem like there was on the HTC One.  I think there's some kind of software glitch.  I hope this helps everyone who still needs a solution. 

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                          Awesome, thank you very much. Once i checked out the wi-fi frequency option i noticed that mine was set to 5ghz for some reason. As soon as i changed it to 2.4ghz it picked up my home network. You sir are a life saver.