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    I dont want to lose my Unlimited data plan :(


      I been a VZN customer going on five years now, probably nothing compared to some of the other customers on here. I currently own a iPhone 4, my plan that i have is a 900min, unlimited data and text. I know since back in June, Verizon was ending the unlimited data plan and I'm pretty upset with that, which I am sure a lot of you are as well. I been thinking of what i can do besides buying a used 4G phone or paying full retail. I dont have a dummy phone or another line to upgrade, i have called VZN of different matters including my plan, apparently the new plans wouldnt be good fit for me in the sense of the tiered data plans, last month i used 10.5GB, I was like holy ****, i couldn't believe it haha. So I am stuck and i want a new 4G phone but i dont want to give up my unlimited data plan, believe or not i have read some articles online about how customers have been able to keep their unlimited data plan after June and upgrade to a new phone, i mentioned this to the Rep. and they mentioned that YES in some Super RARE occasions they have seen customers keep there old plans with new phones but no clue on how.


      So if there are any Reps reading this and can help me, Please respond or anybody have some thoughts.

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