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    Where's my phone??


      To Verizon Executives

      Verizon Customer Service (that doesn’t exist)


      I sent back a phone not working you sent a replacement I FedEx back the old one then you charged me 650 plus tax.  I call there was a woman who was very rude and all but accused me of trying to rip you off... then was transferred to Jeff who made the first girl sound nice!!!  The was transferred to a person who said he was a manager very nice and was going to contact the warehouse and call me back 3 days later.... no call back...  then i called again another nice person Taylor who was to call me back the next day... you guessed it NO CALL BACK>>>>


      It seems that the phone was checked into your warehouse but they received a 16g phone not a 32g and oh ya by the way the phone was not listed belonging to my account?  I ask who's phone it was they could not tell me only that it belonged to someone on the other side of the country?  I said I'm not an investigator but why not call the person who is listed on the other phone and ask them how it got to the warehouse?  Maybe they to have been charged for a non returned phone???  I think someone in your warehouse STOLE the phone and the police should get involved.


      Can someone call me back and also CC <deleted employee names>.  If you don't respond with in 2 days I will be sending this complaint certified to all the Verizon board



      Just Spoke with David <deleted employee name> from executive relations coordinator he all but called me a liar.  First the phone was never received then when I provided the tracking number to the first rep on the phone it was magically not my phone in the box. I have never stolen anything in my life and I’m sure not going to play games with a phone. David’s theory about the phone being damaged and my going on eBay to buy one doesn’t hold water due to the fact I went into Verizon store in Manchester Ct and had the phone checked out by Drew <deleted employee name> (your employee) who verified the phone was not holding a charge and had NO water or any other DAMAGE… it was a DEFECT. Drew ordered a phone and 2-3 days later I got it SO WHY WOULD I GO TO BUY A PHONE ON E-BAY WHEN I WAS GETTING A FREE REPLACEMENT???


      David only gave me a partial credit this is unacceptable I have filed a complaint with the Better Business and will file a small claims suite if I’m not fully credited .  I also will on a weekly basis contact all the Verizon board members.


      You should be a stand up company and do the correct thing. Give credit that is due including taxes and plug the hole you have in your warehouse it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you have a problem.


        I would gladly give a sworn statement to this effect or take a lie detector test(paid by you) to prove to you.  If I fail I will pay for the test and the phone.


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