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        I just got the Droid DNA about a week ago. From day two I started having this same problem with the phone saying there is not a SIM card, or it would say PUK sim card lock. Restarting the phone would usually fix the error, but that is a real pain to do a couple times a day, not to mention I am not in service when this happens and I have no idea how long it had been out of service. I took the sim card out, reseated it, put it back in. This fixed the error for about 3 days, then it started up again! I am so frustrated, I love this phone, but this problem is ridiculous for such a nice phone at the price they are selling it for. I suppose my next step is to go to Verizon and get a new SIM card, but I have my doubts that will completely fix the issue. It seems there is a design flaw with the hardware or software of the Droid DNA. I am still under my 14 day return time, but I don't know what other phone I would get to replace this one that would be as good. The DNA has a faster processor than any other phone they sell right now (except for the Samsung Note, which is WAY too HUGE!).  So very frustrating.

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          I'm here to share another update. So far since I replaced the SIM with a new one

          from Verizon, I have NOT experienced this bug again.


          I recommend that you give it a couple tries, and ask the associates to be

          careful when they break the SIM off the card, to not flex it too much.


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            My wife has had this phone 3 days and had to reboot it 3 times for this problem. This is NOT cool at all!  I switched the airplane mode tonight and it got it back to good FOR NOW.

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              Adding another data point.  I got my Droid DNA on 12/15.  I've had the PUC error twice and the no SIM card error twice.  Both rebooting and the airplane mode tricks worked as a temporary fix.  I'll try reseating the SIM card tonight to see if that is a permanent solution.

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                I have a couple of posts above.  Here is today's update. If I restart my DNA, I get about one day of usage until the No SIM Card error appears again.  If I eject and reload my SIM Card, I get 3 days of usage before the error reappears.  Today I got the PUK Code locked error.  Exactly 3 days after my last SIM reboot.  In order to get your phone going again, you have to call Verizon Customer support.  They suggest that you reinstall the SIM Card.  That fixed the problem.  I am really good at thet now.  I aked the Customer Rep, who was very helpful, about the No SIM Card error and after a discussion with her boss, she said that the SIM Card was OK and that they would authorize a brand new device as a replacement.  That really surprised me.  You have 14 days to get a new device.  A litttle longer during the holidays.  Otherwise you will get a refurbished phone.  Although this is a pain,  I really liike this phone.  I hope this fixes the issue.  I will report back in about a week.

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                  After 3 SIM cards and a factory reset with the first DNA, the Verizon store

                  team and I gave up and had a new DNA shipped out. When I switched the SIM

                  from my old DNA to the new DNA I noticed that the SIM card had three large

                  scratches across it. This led me to believe that these errors were the

                  result of physical damage rather than a software problem. One day after

                  using the new DNA with the old SIM card, I received the same SIM card

                  error. Yesterday, I switched out the old SIM card for a new one. The new

                  DNA does leave three minor scratches on the new SIM, but not as severe as

                  those left on the old SIM by the original DNA. I am hoping this means that

                  the new phone is not causing the same physical damage that the original DNA

                  was causing. Thus far I have not received any SIM card errors, so I am

                  cautiously optimistic.


                  Will those of you who are still receiving the error please take a look at

                  your SIM cards to see if they are scratched? If so, please let the rest of

                  us know so we can determine if this a physical issue or a software one.





                  On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:06 PM, RiverviewRay <community@verizonwireless.com

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                    Yes, I have the scratches too, but I would be surprised if that is the cause of the problems.

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                      Reseating the SIM card didn't fix my problems.  I'm headed to the Verizon store tomorrow to try to get a new phone and SIM card.

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                        I have had the same problem. First I took it back and they said the SIM card wasn't installed properly(It came with the card already installed).  It stopped the problem for about a week, then the same thing. I took it back again, and got a whole new SIM card. Worked fine for about two weeks. Now I'm getting the same error again. I keep restarting it which fixes is initially, but it always disconnects again.  Very frustrated. I really want to keep this phone, but I'm not going to keep restarting it everyday.

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                          yes i have the tree marks

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