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    Droid DNA Problem, No SIM card error




      I recently upgraded my device to a Droid DNA from HTC. Every so often I get an error message that there is no SIM card in the phone, and I lose the ability to receive or make calls. Usually restarting the device fixes this. I find it obnoxious that I need to restart each day.  Has anyone else been seeing this bug?




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          Exact same problem I'm having.  I first thought it was related to a low battery but that isn't the case; my phone is doing this RIGHT NOW while charging.  This is the third time it has happened since I bought the phone. 


          The other two times I've been able to fix this extremely troublesome error by putting my Droid DNA in Airplane Mode and then toggling Airplane Mode off again and it would be okay.  This problem, however, is NOT okay.


          Any others experiences?  Solutions?



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            Same issue here. I restarted the phone the first time and it found the SIM. The next day it happened again, so again I restarted the phone, but this time it didn't find the SIM. So I pulled the SIM card out and put it back in and it has been fine since.

            Now the phone is connecting to my home wifi network, but it isn't giving me any internet. I can find other devices on the network, but can't load any apps without going to 4G. Has anyone else had this problem? I really thought that I had found a great device, but it looks like HTC still can't get a phone right.

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              My spouse and I both have a Droid DNA, and they both had this problem. I popped out the SIM card on both, put them back in, and have not experienced the problem on either phone again.

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                Hi, I went into Verizon, and asked them to give me a new SIM card. This was last

                week, Thursday I think, and it took about 15 minutes. So far I haven't seen the

                issue again, and I have NOT rebooted my phone since then either!


                I'd give it a shot if you are seeing this bug.

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                  I had a similar SIM card error from day 1. Three SIM card replacements and one factory reset later, the helpful Verizon employees and I gave up and they shipped out a new replacement. When I personally switched the SIM over (previously a Verizon store person had done the switch), I noticed that there were three large full-length scratches across the SIM card which suggest that perhaps the phone was physically damaging the card. I am going to go into Verizon in the coming days to get a new SIM card and see if the new replacement DNA also scratches the SIM. Have any of you noticed similar damage? Perhaps that explains the errors. And, yes, a reboot, or going in and out of airplane mode generally fixed the problem for me as well (which had made me think this was a software issue until I saw the damage today).



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                    I'm having the same problem.  For me, I've been lucky so far.  Airplane mode on/off solves it for me.  I don't like that I don't know how long it's been disconnected.

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                      Having the same problem has lead me to this forum.  Before I venture off to the Verizon store, I figure I would try an online solution.  I have ejected and reinstalled the SIM card.  Looked as if the SIM Card was not perfectly seated.  Waiting to see, if the problem returns.  I have placed the DNA in sleep mode for over 20 minutes, which usually leads to the SIM card error and lost signal.  So far so good.  I'll follow up, if the problem returns.

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                        This is a next day follow up.  The SIM Card error and no signal issue was corrected as stated above.  Give it a try.

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                          I'm having the same problem.  Ejecting and reseating the SIM card does not work for me as the problem will reappear later.  Going into and out of airplane mode does not resolve the problem for me at all.  The only thing that seems to work is re-booting the phone.


                          What I don't like about this is that this prevents you from calling 911.


                          I see a lawsuit in Verizon's future...

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