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    Beeping While Making Calls


      Dear Verizon,


      So it sounds like this is happening to a lot of users on Verizon Wireless and is not just a new occorranance. Let me provide details of my experience and maybe someone can fix.


      Every since upgrading to the new iOS6 on my iPhone 4 I heard what sounds like someone depressing buttons while on a phone call.  At first of course I thought it was that user who was on a Blackberry on the Sprint network.  This was the only person I heard the beeping while on a call with.  For a bit I thought my phone conversations were being recording but let's not go there as that would be highly illegal.  Although on a few occasions I heard it on other phone calls as well but not as persistant as with this other person. 


      Now this other person upgraded their phone to the new iPhone5, the problem still persisted.  Both users (myself and person speaking with) were using headsets, not using headsets, not multi-tasking, not standing up, not sitting down.  Yes we eliminated all variables and the problem still persisted.  So at that point I figured it was my phone.  When I went in and talk with a Verizon employee he told me my phone was likely about to crash and I should upgrade!  Of course after upgrading yesterday I read many blogs of this issue.  I wish store employees were more informed of issues on the network and could have provided me with an honest answer.  Question, why did the store employee just not Google the issue for me?


      I upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 5 yesterday.  I still hear the beeping and it is driving me nuts.  The person on the other line does not hear the beeping.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hey GoBigPDX!

          Wow! It sounds like you have really done your homework here! Lets' see what's going on here. It may not be the device.

          First off, can you make sure that you are on iOS6.0.1, as there was an additional update after the initial update. Also, is this occuring on all calls? Inbound or outbound calls? While in a specific area? Can you also describe the sound a bit more and let us know when it happens on the call? There may be call waiting (which will beep to alert you of the call when someone else is trying to call you). Is this possibly it?

          Let's investigate this further together!


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            Hi Michelle,


            Thanks for the reply. 


            I am currently on version 6.0.1 (10A525), no updated versions are available.


            The beeping happens both on outbound and inbound calls.  Further it only seems to be happening while communicating with Sprint customers but they can't hear the beeping noise.  The noise sounds exactly like someone is depressing the keypad like dialing a number, though they are not, both are on headsets and screen is black. 


            Further it is not any of the obvious things like the one you mentioned "call waiting" as this happens 30 times in a span of 15 minutes nor does it show an incoming call.  The noise happens in all locations and I have experienced it from several different states.  What is interesting is it does not happen if I use Facetime, nor does it happen if I was to call the person using Skype Mobile to call a mobile phone or landline, nor does it happen when calling over Google Voice to that same phone.



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              I have been having the same issue since I got the 5.... never happened with my 4 or other phones. it is very irritating to say the least. I took the phone into a Verizon store, they reset all settings and that annoying beep is still there. the on,y good thing is discovering that others are having the same issue. can Verizon fix this???

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                Yes, call technical support as I just got to the bottom of it.  For me it was all related with call Sprint customers, they performed a VLR Update and not only did the call quality increase dramatically but the beeping went away. 

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                  I have same problem with new IPhone5. Wife got same phone but i white and she doesn't get the beeps.

                  I just did a complete phone restore with Apple. Will see what happens.


                  The sound is the same as when someone is texting me when I am on a call. But on my phone, the phone will beep and vibrate when I get a text and on the phone. I only get the beep.


                  The beep is just like when the phone call is being recorded.


                  There is no beep when on bluetooth hand free. The beep doesn't always happen. Most calls don't beep. Tried turning the blue tooth off on phone with no luck.


                  Happens, Verizon to Verizon, Verizon to hard wired phone.


                  I read that having Verizon preform a VLR update help someone. Don't know what a VLR is.

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                    Unless you are a tech expert don't waste you time with understand what a VLR update, but I did want to inform you that this does not resolve the issue .  I now experience beeping while calling Sprint and Verizon customer.


                    Update:  We are experimenting with having the vibrate/silent mode turned off on the upper left hand corner of the phone.  Since doing this the beeping has stopped, so this could be an Apple issue but it does not explain why Android phones are having the same issue. 

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                      No resolution in site, Verizon can't figure this out but it is driving me nuts.  Any suggestions or solutions?  This case got escalated to higher tech support but they could not recreate and came back with level one teck support questions that had already been answered three times before.