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    Customer Service Hours


      I called these monkies at 6:15 AM, was told by the machine to call back during "regular business hours" I thought their business hours are 6AM - 11PM, 7 days a week? Called back at 7:00AM, got the same message when tried to speak to an actual person. Called back again at 7:20AM, same message. So my question is What the **** !!


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          Hey Aikidood!

          I am very sorry that you were having such trouble calling us. We have great hours available to you so you can contact us. We are open from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week, that is correct. So what number were you calling? It may have been a specific department that has different hours. If you ever want to know another way to contact us just visit www.vzw.com/contactus. You can e-mail us or even chat is a representative is available. If you have any other trouble, please let us know. Thanks!


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